Awèye boards, my belle… I’ll take you to see Kaïn

Awèye embarque, ma belle... je t’emmène voir Kaïn

Cain was back to the Ville Mercier, a day after the first show given at the same place in the framework of the series TD musiparc. For the evening of Saint-Jean, the band and Steve Veilleux had booked its biggest success of his 20-year career to the hundreds of spectators.


The former ciné-parc Ville Mercier, near Châteauguay, had been chosen to host the tour, TD musiparc. Even if he had to wait a half an hour before being able to enter the site, the directions were clear, and the organization had not left room for improvisation. While waiting for the beginning of the concert, videos of Denis Drolet explained with a sense of humor to the people the regulations of the place. A quiz on the giant screens also helped to make him wait.


“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Cain!” said a voice in the speakers: applause sparse. Upon our arrival, the decor was beautiful remember the festivals of the belle époque, it was quickly realized that we would have a concert very different. From the first notes of Welcome happiness, it was noticed that there was a delay between the sound of the drums on stage and what was stuck in our car radio. The shift has continued during the following songs, until we resign ourselves to close the windows of the vehicle.


Before the show, a video showed to the audience not to honk the horn during the concert, unless the performers make the request. Well, after the success tell me about yourself, some people are left to go and the horns were strangely added to the atmosphere in the evening. “Yeah, well, my Steve, we will have officially gone through everything together “, was launched, and the bassist Eric Maheu. “I want you to hear, the symphony of car horns !” was later asked Steve Veilleux at the crowd of cars.


This evening of the national holiday was not the most festive. Apart from a few rare flags fleurs-de-lis glimpses through the floor of the car, we thought we were almost in a normal evening of June. Cain had not planned to show different for this St. John. The group of Drummondville was rather slouched on what he does best : dig in its successful 20-year career. Among these, at the time of writing these lines, the five musicians had played Speak to me of you, As in the time, The paradise, The house is large and La bonne franquette. You can bet the popular Adam and Eve Embarque ma belle would follow.


Rarely has there been as comfortable to watch a show. With TD musiparc, there is no neighbor who is talking during ballads or which films the concert with his cellphone. You can also adjust the volume of the music our own with our own car radio. In short, the benefits are many. But for the atmosphere, there is nothing that will replace the good old-fashioned concert in front of the spectators without a car. As in the time…

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