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Awkward interview with Gene Simmons: an early April Fool's joke for Énergie 94.3 hosts

Uncomfortable interview with Gene Simmons: an early April Fool's joke for animators of Énergie 94, 3

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Having caused a strong reaction on social networks, an uncomfortable interview between the hosts of “Ça retour au poste”, on Énergie 94.3 radio, and the singer and bassist of the group Kiss Gene Simmons was actually just a hoax.

It is the sprinkler that has been sprinkled. Indeed, the hosts of the Montreal radio show being seasoned pranksters, the station bosses decided to play a nasty trick on them.

“You who make pranks, make phone calls to listeners everywhere in Quebec. Well, your three bosses here present caught you for April Fool's Day,” revealed the general manager of French-language radio stations in Quebec at Bell Media, Chloé Boissonneault, Thursday afternoon.

It was on Wednesday afternoon that Marie-Claude Savard, Mario Tessier and Sébastien Trudel interviewed the man they believed to be rock legend Gene Simmons. Quickly, the interview turned sour when the “singer” would not have liked his remarks to be translated live. After only a few minutes, he hung up saying “Fuck this!”.

@sebtrudelradio Gene Simmons of KISS gave us an interview… It went really badly. #f#fypq#qcp#podcastqcq#quebectokt#tiktokquebeccoupauTelephone #KISS #GeneSimmons ♬ original sound – Sébastien Trudel

The interview quickly made the rounds on social networks, so much so that the real Gene Simmons had to set the record straight.

@sebtrudelradio Part 2 – FUCK THIS – Gene Simmons from KISS sends us shit… #p#pourtoi#F#Foryoufyp #q#qcp#podcastqcq#quebectoktiktokquebec #malaise ♬ original sound – Sébastien Trudel

“Hello friends. Just a friendly note. There is a French interview supposedly done by me in Canada. It's clearly not me. And incidentally, I don't speak French,” he wrote on Twitter early Thursday afternoon.

The radio station executives will have made the suspense to the max as they entered the studio to lecture the hosts live .

“Bell media will not take action against you. There will be no suspension. There will be no penalty either. But I want to tell you that … we had you, “Chloé Boissonneault finally said.

But who was it during this famous interview? It was none other than Jason Rockman, radio host at CHOM 97.7. The impostor had also taken pleasure in criticizing the three animators on his social networks.

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