Aya Nakamura : a response full of self-deprecating humor after the NMA 2019… and a beautiful tribute to Madonna

Aya Nakamura : une réaction pleine d'autodérision après les NMA 2019... et un bel hommage de Madonna

Aya Nakamura : his reaction is class and funny after the NMA 2019

The consecration, this was not (yet) for this year for Aya Nakamura. Named in three categories at the NRJ Music Awards in 2019,”female Artist and francophone of the year”, “French Song of the year” and “Performance francophone of the year”, the interpreter of Djadja is once again left the ceremony with no awards. It has, however, reacted with humor to his defeat. And she has been able to console themselves with a nice tribute to… Madonna.

The ceremony of the NMA 2019 has once again been strong in services stylish : Angela, Tones and I, Aya Nakamura, Roméo Elvis, Jonas Brothers, Sam Smith and other artists have atmosphere the public this Saturday, November 9, 2019. The event was also marked by the awarding of the prize : Bilal Hassan, Billie Eillish, Bigflo & Oli, M. Pokora, Angela, DJ Snake or even Ariana Grande have won in their categories… in contrast to Aya Nakamura.

Aya Nakamura reacts to his defeat to the NMA 2019

Named in three categories des NRJ Music Awards 2019, “female Artist and francophone of the year”, “Performance francophone of the year” and “French Song of the year” with Pookie, the singer has not won any award, for the second year in a row. It is the sister of Romeo Elvis who won the bet. The interpreter of Djadja is still left with a victory : Nikos Aliagas was able to pronounce her first name.

Despite this defeat, Aya Nakamura has not lost his sense of humor. For proof, she posted a photo of a girl dépitée on his bed to answer the comment from a user : “Aya Nakamura in her dressing room after the show, and his total of 0 NRJ Music Awards #NMA2019.

Madonna valid

Don’t worry, the singer has quickly shed this evening… thanks to Madonna and her dancers. Aya Nakamura has shared a video of them where you can see them dancing on Djadja. She took the opportunity to send a small tackle Matthew Delormeau : “Madonna, who surround the ‘Madonna of the suburbs’.” Rihanna, Neymar, Sam Smith and Maluma validate them also the interpreter of Girlfriends !

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