Aya Nakamura : accused of stealing the ideas of a stylist for his music video “Pookie”, she reacts

Aya Nakamura : accusée de voler les idées d'un styliste pour son clip "Pookie", elle réagit

Clip “Pookie” : Aya Nakamura accused by a stylist of stealing her work, she reacts.

The buzz, Aya Nakamura, it is known. She has even become a regular on the social networks. The last one relates to his music video “Pookie”. The singer of “Djadja” has been accused by a stylist of stealing his work and ideas for her outfits. We don’t know who is right and who is wrong, but the star has responded to the creative parisian.

The scandal mode continued

His music is adored by all (at least, young people who understand his lyrics and celebrities such as Neymar and Rihanna, who, anyway, does not know what she said). However, Aya Nakamura goes the buzz. That is his selfie without makeup whom the haters mocked, his name scratched more than once to the NMA 2018, or even his supposed relationship with rapper Niska whose people have talked about for months, the star will not leave anyone indifferent. And if it makes the news since yesterday, this is first and foremost for her music video “Pookie”, whose views are multiplying as fast as the number of “a” in his name. But it is also because a stylist accused her of stealing his ideas for the DA of his video.

“It’s disgusting what !!!” complained Kyo Jino on his account Instagram, “Steal the mood board I had made for the filer to your team to remake my DA (art direction, editor’s note) on your last clip POOKIE. I think I’m dreaming !”. The stylist added : “Already that you wanted to ban me from posting the work of an entire team, refuse to publish the article on @papermagazine for no reason !! And now you want to steal my creativity. Pfff… Just disgusted by this industry FUCKED UP !!”.

Very angry with Aya Nakamura, he even added : “I am even more shocked that you do that to a brother BLACK !! Frankly ZERO you want all the flow of KYOJINO but without the call you are chelous friends !!”. “Here’s the mood board well detailed and clear with the date!!!!! So the coincidences that exist among us,” he stated in a different post Insta with pictures to support.

Aya Nakamura reacts

In the clip, Aya Nakamura wears such a gorgeous dress of yellow silk, belted with a knot elegant size. A look signed by Balenciaga, of the collection spring-summer 2019, as Michelle Obama has also worn. The class still ! As for the accusations, the singer has responded on his Twitter account : “ideas belong to those who realize #aurevoirMerci”. A way to overcome ?

In any case, Kyo Jino took this message as a confirmation of his claims. “PTDR girl ! Please take at least,” he said in a new post. Who will have the last word ?

And here’s the clip in question for the few of you who have not seen it yet :

Clip “Pookie” : Aya Nakamura accused by a stylist of stealing her work, she reacts.


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