Aya Nakamura : after Neymar, Rihanna is mood to turn on “Djadja”

Aya Nakamura : après Neymar, Rihanna s'ambiance à son tour sur "Djadja"

Aya Nakamura : after Neymar, Rihanna is mood to turn on “Djadja”

Fans of Aya Nakamura are sometimes not those that we believe. We had the surprise to see Neymar is ambiancer on “Djadja” and it continues today with a video of Rihanna on which one sees dancing on the tube of the singer. A sequence annotated by the interpreter of “Girlfriends”.

When Rihanna explodes on “Djadja” by Aya Nakamura

Even if the summer of 2018 is finished long ago, “Djadja” Aya Nakamura continues to be a success and the meter continues to climb on YouTube : the clip counts today more than 344 million views. It must be said that the song resonated in the whole of France for several months, but not that apparently. For proof, “Djadja” has come to the ears of Neymar and… Rihanna.

No no, this is not a joke. The interpreter of “Diamonds” was not able to resist the urge to dance on the title when it is passed during his evening Fenty Beauty (her brand of cosmetics) in London. A video that has not failed to comment on Aya Nakamura, but also the users. When the feat between Rihanna and interpreter of “The Dot” ? 😉

An abandoned quarry

In any case, this time already a cult could not exist if Aya Nakamura had continued his career of sports : it has almost become a swimmer pro. “Too lazy. I started to love make-up and it sucks to be all the time wet“, she confided to Elle magazine, before adding : “I love drawing, and all the walls of my room were covered with sketches. So I wanted to do modeling, but when I understood that I had to draw all the time…


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