Aya Nakamura : big moment of discomfort in the live Telethon, Twitter, mocks the star

Aya Nakamura : gros moment de malaise en direct au Téléthon, Twitter se moque de la star

Aya Nakamura : big moment of discomfort in the live Telethon, viewers laugh at

However, it is possible to be one of the biggest rap star in France, hit with titles such as ‘Pookie’ or ‘Soldier’ or link together the concerts AND being a victim of stress live. Present at the Telethon on France 2 on Friday, December 6, Aya Nakamura found herself at the center of a sequence is very bothersome.

The end of the year complicated for Aya Nakamura. After being left empty-handed of the NRJ Music Awards in 2019, the singer, the origin of the huge musical hits like “Pookie” and “Soldier” was at the center of a sequence is extremely annoying is this Friday, December 6, on France 2. Invited by nagui (French speacker) to animate the Telethon at his sides for a few minutes, the young woman seemed to be totally lost.

The small fail to Aya Nakamura at the Telethon

While the facilitator cult of the chain behind Aya Nakamura to take advantage of his fame to encourage his audience to make donations,”It has been said that you were influential, as we have seen with your fans who follow you. There is a message that you would like to pass it to those who love you and who you follow at 3637 ?“, the star has misunderstood the question and offered a response totally unlikely.

Rather than play the game and inspire her fans to be generous, it is as well launched in a speech that was very cute, but off-topic, to thank the public for its support : “Every day I receive a lot of love, lot of support, I think that I do not thank enough. Thank you today to accompany me, support me, encourage me in what I do, this is super important.

A malaise that is then intensified

A misunderstanding, which can obviously be explained by the stress of the direct – and a question not entirely clear from nagui (French speacker), but who then gave birth to a discomfort even more intense. Launched by the presenter on the cause of the day, “And for the Telethon, if you also have a message to pass to your fans“, Aya Nakamura has truly lost his footing at the point of letting him think that she did not know the principle of the issue : “I invite you to call 3637 to help research and stop heuuuu…

Fortunately, nagui (French speacker) has caught the blow with professionalism to enable the singer to conclude this response with a smile. Unfortunately, this has not been enough to convince the web users. On the contrary, it is sufficient now to do a tour on Twitter to discover how much the performance of Aya Nakamura has made creak many teeth. The joys of live…

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