Aya Nakamura : C to you, NRJ Music Awards… She tells the times, “horrific” of his career

Aya Nakamura : C à vous, NRJ Music Awards... Elle raconte les moments "horribles" de sa carrière

Aya Nakamura : C to you, NRJ Music Awards… She tells the times, “horrific” of his career

Everyone knows Aya Nakamura, even across the Atlantic. But the singer of Djadja has yet had to deal with several people who were not familiar with his music or even his name. She has as well admitted to having wanted to leave the tray C to you, or to have been very affected by the errors on his first name at the NRJ Music Awards.

“This is the interview the most malaisante of my life”

While she has recently released Aya Nakamura x M. A. C makeup collection glamour, the star of the song has given an interview to the magazine Society. Aya Nakamura is back on his journey, and told the times the most troublesome of his career. Among them, its involvement in C à vous on France 5. “This is the interview the most malaisante of my life. I wanted to block, but a strength. It was horrible. They said : ‘We hear, we will invite her, but in real life, you don’t know anything of what she is doing.’ And instead of doing their journalistic work before, they did it live…” she explained.

Taking then to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, the interpreter of Pookie remembered : “It was as if the host wanted to put me in a rant :’This is too hard the city, I am a renoi, it’s too hard’ mode whining. So no, I never said that me, basta”.

“I have broken the heart”

The one who replied to Matthew Delormeau who had dealt with a “diva” at times “aggressive” and “likely” also remembered his presence at the NRJ Music Awards in 2018. Nikos Aliagas had called Aya Nakamura Yaka Nakamura and other personalities were also deceived on her behalf throughout the evening. A ceremony that she, therefore, lived very badly. “Frankly, to me, they have broken the heart. It is as if you call Hugo, and they’ll call you Jean-Claude” she said, “In addition, my first name is simple, he could just call me Aya”.

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