Aya Nakamura defends Niska after the bad buzz : “There has been much affected”

Aya Nakamura défend Niska après le bad buzz : "Il a été beaucoup touché"

Aya Nakamura defends Niska after the history buzz : “There has been much affected”

Last month, a photo of Aya Nakamura (if we believe the blogger Aqababe) with the eye swelling has been shared on the web. Some internet users have quickly accused Niska of violence : accusations that the interpreter of “Pookie” has responded. Today, the singer looks back on this story buzz and comes to the defense of the rapper.

Sorry to disappoint you, but the clip of “Lollipop” will come out probably never. While the feat between Aya Nakamura and Niska was a great success from the release of the album “Nakamura”, a disturbing photo shared on the web has taken over this musical collaboration. According to Aqababe, it would be the singer on the picture, on which you can “” see with a black eye, and the author of this injury would be Niska with which the interpreter of “Djadja” would be as a couple.

“It’s gone too far’

These accusations have taken on enormous proportions, to such a point that Aya Nakamura had no other choice than to get out of the silence to re-establish the truth and attempt to calm the situation : “We have had ups and downs, I confirmed. Today, my private life has been unveiled to the public at large, to my great regret. I didn’t know how to catch the thing, I acted without thinking.

Today, the author of “Pookie” comes to the defense of Niska in an interview in Paris : “On social networks, it’s gone much too far, I understood nothing. There has been much affected. I was not in France when it came out. It is a story private, it is nobody’s business.

“The people believed that it is fun to pretend”

Some users even went as far as to accuse Aya Nakamura and interpreter of “Networks” of use of this history of domestic violence to ensure the promo of “Lollipop” : “As if we had need of it. This direct, it was to explain that there is no problem between us today, that there was nothing, it was for him… The people believed that it is fun to pretend but never in life, I do not play with the subject of domestic violence, “says the young mother.


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