Aya Nakamura : “diva”, “aggressive”, “likely”… she responds to the words of Matthew Delormeau

Aya Nakamura : “diva”, “aggressive”, “likely”… she responds to the words of Matthew Delormeau

Not sure that Matthew Delormeau and Aya Nakamura become the best friends in the world… The chronicler has once again taken to the singer in TPMP People, this Friday 25 October 2019 on C8, accusing him of being a “diva,” “aggressive” and “capable”. The interpreter of Djadja reacted to his comments on Twitter.

Since the fail of Nikos Aliagas the NMA 2018, Aya Nakamura is tired as soon as someone criticizes its name : it has indeed been proven once again, with a sense of humor, when Vincent Cassel has made a note about it in the show Clicks. The team of TPMP People, on C8, is income on this passage, the occasion for Matthew Delormeau to say once again what he thinks of the singer. Remember, he had violently clashée after she upset against Nikos Aliagas, the interpreter of Pookie had then treated of the “small con”.

“She is very aggressive on social networks”

The former presenter on NRJ 12 is not shown to be tender : “It is very likely this young girl. It is known that Nikos had scratched his name at the NRJ Music Awards, she had very badly. The small Nikos apologized, she refused his apology. She said she would never be at the NRJ Music Awards, parenthetically, she returns there this year (…) Here, as is Vincent Cassel, it has a little minaudé, it was less disturbed (…) She is very aggressive on social networks, especially on its name. This is a girl who has a lot of talent, you understand this attitude of a diva ?

Matthew Delormeau continues : “In his house of discs, I was told that it had a lot of talent, but it was not easy (…) She would benefit so much to be nice and simple (…) She has a very bad reputation.

“Oh, but let go of my jacket huh ?”

After the columnist Cyril Hanouna, it is Myriam Palomba, which is pressed against Aya Nakamura and his behavior of “diva” : “This is someone who has a very bad temper. Behind the scenes, we know it. She refuses all interviews, it takes I don’t know what. Should it come down again quickly (…) She does not like people. Not only she does not like people but when people are waiting at the end of his concerts to autographs, madame continues to play the divas, and does not sign autographs. Most of the big stars are doing it anyway.

All these words have gently made laugh the interpreter of Djadja : “Orh, but let go of my jacket huh ? 😂😂😂😂 Aya, Aya…“, she responded on Twitter.

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