Aya Nakamura, Emma Mackey, NLP… here are the French the most influential in the world in 2019

Aya Nakamura, Emma Mackey, PNL... voici les français les plus influents dans le monde en 2019

Aya Nakamura, Emma Mackey, NLP… The French are the most influential in the world

What the French(es) are the most distinguished(e)s in the world by 2019 ? As every year, Vanity Fair has established its ranking of the best French influential of the world. Among them, the singer Aya Nakamura, rappers NLP, DJ Snake or even actress Emma Mackey (Sex Education).

Then, last year, we found Kylian Mbappé, the singer Chris (aka Christine and the Queens) and the fashion designer Hedi Slimane among the 50 French the world’s most influential, they are no longer in the ranking compiled by Vanity Fair this year ! Instead, we find the singer Aya Nakamura, who has distinguished herself by the securities Djadja, Girlfriends or even Pookie, the rappers NLP, or DJ Snake.

The French are the most influential in the world, according to Vanity Fair

On the side of the stars of the film, found the actress Emma Mackey (Sex Education), Leïla Bekhti and Tahar Rahim or Léa Seydoux. Finally, Karim Benzema and Wendie Renard are part of the French athletes with the most influential. Athletes, designers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, stars of the song, economists, political scientists, etc. All spend !

Here are the 50 French, who have distinguished themselves in the world, each in their domains.


1. Leïla Bekhti and Tahar Rahim, the actors of The Eddy and couples to the city for the past 10 years.

2. Mati Diop, a director of 37 years.

3. Léa Seydoux, actress that we will soon be able to see in Dying can wait, for the next film, James Bond, continued from Spectre (2015).

4. Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Cannes film Festival.

5. Catherine Deneuve, actress, 76 years of age.

6. Emma Mackey, actress of 23 years old that was discovered in the series on Netflix Sex Education.


1. François-Henri Pinault, ceo of the group Kering.

2. Emmanuel Faber, ceo of Danone group.

3. Axel Dumas, managing director of Hermès International.

4. Juliette Lévy, head of the company of Oh My Cream !, e-shop specialized in cosmetics.

5. Alexandra Cousteau, a filmmaker who fight for the protection of marine ecosystems and endangered species.


1. Helen Pietrini, critical to the origin of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

2. Paul Pairet, chef installed in Shanghai and future juror of Top Chef

3. Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, winemakers.

4. David Holder, head of the company behind the success of Ladurée.

5. Celine Pham, head.


1. Aya Nakamura, singer just revealed the title Djadja

2. Alexis Michalik, stage director of the piece théâte Edmond.

3. NLP, rappers from 30 to 33 years 4. DJ Snake, DJ and producer.

5. Léonore Baulac, a principal dancer in swan Lake.


1. Emmanuel Macron, the president of the French Republic.


1. Delphine Arnault, the business woman who sits on the executive committee of LVMH.

2. Olivier Gabet, deputy director-general of the Mad, 43-year-old.

3. Natacha Ramsay-Levi, the artistic director passed by Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and then the house Chloé.

4. Mathilde Thomas, business woman originally from Caudalie.

5. Dorothée Boissier, the interior designer, 48 years old.


1. Esther Duflo, an economist who has a Nobel prize.

2. Thomas Ebbesen, physical chemist who was awarded the gold medal of the CNRS for his research on the light.

3. Yann Le Cun, a researcher in artificial Intelligence, prize-winner with Yoshua Bengio and Geoffrey Hinton of the Turing award for their work on deep learning.

4. Lucile Capuron, researcher in immuno-psychiatry.

5. Stefanie Stantcheva, an economist, 33 years old.


1. Wendie Renard, footballer 29-year-old who has participated in the world Cup.

2. Rudy Gobert, basketball player of the France team.

3. Karim Benzema, footballer of Real Madrid.

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