Aya Nakamura, her name still sacked: Karine Le Marchand does (much) worse than Nikos

Aya Nakamura renamed “Najakamajara Namana” by Karine Le Marchand on M6 After Nikos Aliagas, Aya Nakamura has just seen another emblematic television presenter scratch her first name. On the occasion of a show of La France à un incredible talent 2021 (M6), Karine Le Marchand has indeed renamed the interpreter of “Djadja”, “Pookie” and “Girlfriends” in an astonishing way. An improbable situation in which Wejdene is also and indirectly involved.

In 2018, an earthquake shook the set of the NRJ Music Awards . While Nikos announced the arrival on stage of Aya Nakamura, the emblematic animator made a dumpling by renaming the interpreter of Djadja in “Yaka Nakamura”. A fail which had greatly amused viewers at the time, but which did not really make the singer smile at the time.

At the end of the ceremony, the young woman was on the contrary immediately carried away by criticizing the lack of respect towards her. Thus, after declaring on her social networks, “ You don't invite people when you can't say your name correctly #LastTime “, Aya Nakamura lamented not understanding this kind of 'error, “ I don't want it on the show. Well, if a little bit anyway. I'm assuming I have the simplest first name, like Aya.

Karine Le Marchand trashes the first name of Aya Nakamura

Three years later, Aya Nakamura and Nikos are now reconciled. On the other hand, the artist has just found a new potential target in the person of … Karine Le Marchand. This Wednesday, November 24, 2021, on the occasion of a new episode of France has an incredible talent , the presenter of M6 has indeed completely distorted the name of the artist.

While a candidate took up the song Anissa in her own wayof Wejdene, Karine Le Marchand was surprised by this improbable lyrical version by declaring: “ Haaa this is the thing of … Najakamajara Namana “. Yes, you read that correctly, the host of L'Amour est dans le pré managed to go from a simple first name in 3 letters (including 2 identical) to a “first name” in 12 letters !

A reflection that should logically not please Aya Nakamura, but also Wejdene. Not only has the ex-candidate of Dance with the stars seen her title be considered a simple “ trick “, but in addition, when a member of the team of France with an incredible talent pointed out to Karine Le Marchand that it was Wejdene who was the interpreter, the presenter breathed, “ Wejdene ? Pfff, I don't know who it is “.

We don't know who will be the great talent of 2021, but one thing is certain, we will not invite Karine Le Marchand to a blind test. Obviously, the host was stuck in Michael Bublé and James Blunt …

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