Aya Nakamura : Maluma is enjaille on its tube “Djadja”, she reacts

Aya Nakamura : Maluma s'enjaille sur son tube "Djadja", elle réagit

Aya Nakamura : Maluma is enjaille on its tube “Djadja”, she reacts

If some chroniclers of TPMP say that Aya Nakamura is not mega famous, a star international will prove to the contrary. Who is she ? Maluma. The singer colombian filmed in the process of enjailler on the tube Djadja in his car. A short video that responded the interpreter of Pookie !

Maluma fan of Aya Nakamura

If you still have in mind “Oh Djadja, there was no way Djadja“, know that you are not the only ones to continue to listen to the hit of Aya Nakamura. The international stars kiffent they also ambiancer this summer hit. We speak of course of Rihanna, Sam Smith and Neymar : they are all three filmed dancing on the tube Djadja. Wait, another name comes to enlarge the list : it is a Maluma !

The singer of colombia has posted a short video of him in which we can see if enjailler on the title to the 440 million views on YouTube. Okay, it is a little late, but you have to admit that it’s stylish still. This is not Aya Nakamura who will say the opposite as evidenced by his reaction : “Already really“, she wrote on Twitter with an emoji drooling and an emoji with hearts.

Another international star valid Djadja

In addition to Maluma, Neymar, Rihanna and Sam Smith, Aya Nakamura will be able to add another celebrity to his community. Who is she ? Tini, whose real name is Martina Stoessel. During an interview with the ex-actress of Violetta, PRBK made him discover Djadja of the interpreter of Pookie and spoiler, it has validated : “I like ! I like it real well.

Tini valid Djadja to Aya Nakamura

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