Aya Nakamura mocked by Kev Adams : his fans support it

Aya Nakamura moquée par Kev Adams : ses fans la soutiennent

Aya Nakamura mocked by Kev Adams, his fans get upset

Between Kev Adams and Aya Nakamura, this is really not the great love. In his show to Be 10 years of which the last was broadcast live on TF1 this Saturday, December 28th, the actor and comedian made fun of the singer of Djadja and Pookie. One thing that does not laugh at the fans of the star. On Twitter, they have supported Aya Nakamura.

This is not tomorrow that you will see Kev Adams and Aya Nakamura collaborate together… In an interview prior to the broadcast of his show on TF1, the investigator of Mask Singer was revealed to have been rembarré by the singer for a skit to two and took advantage of the tackle. “I fear that it lacks a bit of the second degree. It’s a shame.” had dropped the comedian to TéléStar.

Fans of Aya Nakamura is getting angry against Kev Adams

In Be 10 years, Kev Adams is making fun of the name Aya Nakamura in what he calls “Kayak Nakamura”. Last may, the actor and comedian had posted a part of his skit on the social networks and he has not removed from his show broadcast live from the Zenith in Nantes on Saturday 28 December on TF1 !

One thing that has pissed off fans of the star of Djadja and Pookie. On Twitter, they have been many to criticize Kev Adams for the easy joke on the nickname of the singer. “Sort of guy stupid, immature and really pathetic #AyaNakamura she is too charismatic for you,” writes, for example, a user. Check out more reactions below :

She replied, before deleting his tweet ?

The jokes and other errors on his name, the singer, Pookie begins to get used to it : at the NMA 2018, Nikos Aliagas had flayed his nickname and that had led to some tensions. But she responded to the “jokes” Kev Adams ? On Twitter, some internet users have reposted a message supposedly posted by the singer, but since removed where you could read. “Not funny, do you laugh that little 13 year old with your cup of pét*ess. Stop me s*cer, talk not of me“. Is it a fake ?

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