Aya Nakamura reacts to criticism on his behavior : “I’m super single”

Aya Nakamura réagit aux critiques sur son comportement : "Je suis hyper simple"

Aya Nakamura reacts to criticism on his behavior : “I’m super single”

The year 2019 has still been a very good year for Aya Nakamura, even though she has had some bad buzz, such as the Telethon, and a lot of criticism about its behaviour that is considered haughty. Today, the interpreter of Djajda and Pookie responds to haters, and defends in the face of their negative messages.

In 2018, Aya Nakamura has all exploded with its tube Djadja and her second album, “Nakamura”, included the hit singles Girlfriends, The dot and the hit. In 2019, the success of the singer is not felt as it has finally released the song that everyone was waiting for. We speak of course of Soldier. She then unveiled the re-release of his opus in which he was a Soldier, but also the sound of 40% and Slammed. In short, next career, everything is going well for Aya Nakamura.

“It’s just that I say what I think”

There has still been a few small fails, as his (new defeat) to NMA 2019, his discomfort at the Telethon, teasing Kev Adams or the awkwardness of Vincent Cassel on the set of Clique. Despite these moments, Aya Nakamura is keeping its head high : “This was an eventful year and with strong emotions, both positive and negative. I was not prepared for it. But no matter the errors, the ‘bad buzz’, I learn, I learn on the job, “says the interpreter of Pookie in an interview with the Parisien.

Speaking of bad buzz, the artist explains : “I think some of the people who have given me a picture without me knowing. Some people consider my behavior as arrogant as I am super simple. It’s just that I say what I think. But hey, it is like that, and I focus on my work. This is the most important.

“I’m a little bit”

In any case, the year 2020 will start perfectly fine for Aya Nakamura since it is part of the programming of Coachella 2020 : “I was surprised that they contact us, a few weeks ago… My family is even more excited than me, my team, too. I never went to Coachella, I’m indeed never gone in America. So I am both impatient and I’m a little (…) I’ll prepare it especially. This is a new audience to conquer.” Well, good luck !

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