Aya Nakamura responds with humor in his discomfort at the Telethon

Aya Nakamura réagit avec humour à son malaise au Téléthon

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Aya Nakamura responds with humor in his discomfort at the Telethon on Twitter

During the evening’s Telethon last Friday, Aya Nakamura has made a blunder in live. A moment of unease on television that had left space for a lot of criticism on social networks. After having already tried to catch up on Twitter, the singer of Djadja responded to internet users, but with a lot of humor this time.

Aya Nakamura responded with self-deprecating humor

On Friday, December 6, 2019, Aya Nakamura has created a malaise on France 2, during the evening of the Telethon. The host nagui (French speacker), asking him to launch an appeal for donations to her fans, she thanked them for their support for his career. The interpreter of Pookie had then tried to “catch up” on Twitter by posting a video of her asking that internet users give to the famous charity event. Except that the tweeters were remained skeptics. The star has a gift decided to respond back to his blunder directly, but with humor this time.

In a new Twitter post, Aya Nakamura has taken up the question that nagui (French speacker) asked him : “And for the telethon ?”. “Me :” she added, in retweetant a photo of a cat who tends a micro and is on the verge of crying. This shows that the singer had not understood the application of the departure of the presenter and that it is desired for this faux pas. But above all, this response is full of self-derision, which has appealed to internet users.

The tweeters are dead of laugh

In the comments, many fans of the muse of M. A. C, with whom she has released a makeup collection ultra-glamorous, have shown their support. Very happy to see that Aya Nakamura tries to show good will and that it was not done on purpose by talking about it, rather than to the Telethon, users have confessed that they laughed a lot in seeing his tweet. “Bravo”, “Hahaha”, “I like it too” or “I exploded” have stated, inter alia, the tweeters.

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