Aya Nakamura reveals a remix of “Lollipop” with Niska on the reissue “Nakamura”

Aya Nakamura reveals a remix of “Lollipop” with Niska on the reissue “Nakamura”

Less than a year after the release of his second album, “Nakamura”, Aya Nakamura draws its re-publication in scope by the single long-awaited, Soldier. The interpreter of Djadja has now added three other unreleased tracks, Slammed, Dumb, and 40% and a remix of Lollipop, his featuring with Niska. All of these sounds are to listen to on PRBK.

After the success of Behavior, Aya Nakamura has all exploded with its tube Djadja , which counts today 443 million views on YouTube. It is what it is ! The singer then continued its ascent with the release of his second album “Nakamura,” comprised of hits Girlfriends, The Dot, Pookie, Djadja , or Soother (in feat with Niska). Fans of the artist were quite disappointed not to find the song Soldier with whom she has teasé his opus. It took a year for Aya Nakamura the way finally !

Aya Nakamura back with the reissue of “Nakamura”

My heart is now ready to assume a Soldier“, she announced last September. Very different from the other songs, the sound wants to be a ballad, haunting in which Aya Nakamura is book heart to heart about his love story. It is especially the first extract from the reissue of “Nakamura”. In addition to Soldier, the star was nominated for NMA 2019 has added three other previously unreleased tracks and a remix of Lollipop, his featuring with Niska. The song is almost identical to the original except that it has been lengthened approximately two minutes : “Why do you do the proud / You put barriers to / I most the time have a good laugh / You how I have everything noted / With me, you’ve played too much / I have more time to laugh / You’re abominable, “sings Aya Nakamura.

With Idiot, she brings her support to one of her friends after a break-up : “Dry your tears, you have to forget / It does you not merit, you have to forget / He gave you dirty, he screwed up.” In 40%, Aya Nakamura comes in to revenge with her boyfriend, liar : “Wallah, I leads to the end / He is bitten, it is not complicated / Baby why there, why there’s all / I’ve changed the game, I will dominate you.

And with Slammed, the interpreter of Pookie takes us in a universe of urban mega effective and catchy. The chorus is still clearly in the lead : “You me to death, but wallah it is slammed/ On the life of my mother, say wallah that this is slammed / I finished not four-legged, for me you’re not ready / of course, I’m going to blow up everything / Oh yeah, poto, you know the scenario.

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