Aya Nakamura : songs that mean absolutely nothing ? “I admit, at times I make no effort”

Aya Nakamura : songs that mean absolutely nothing ? “I admit, at times I make no effort”

For the past few years, Aya Nakamura has become one of the artists who sells the most albums in France, and who is able to dance the whole world with titles such as ‘Djadja’, ‘Behavior’, ‘Pookie’, or ‘Dowry’. However, the singer tells, it does not always effort when she writes her songs.

This Friday, February 21, was not only marked by the return of Koh Lanta, it was also the dissemination of a new Plan C, the famous show of Camille Combal. And to celebrate the event, the host of TF1 took the opportunity to get in on a Carpool Karaoke in the company of Aya Nakamura.

The nickname that hates Aya Nakamura

However, more than his participation in voice, it is his interview with the facilitator, who has proved to be particularly interesting. The reason for this ? The singer has made a point with his audience which, it is hoped, will be heard by all the world.

While Camille Combal revealed : “When I ask if I can watch soccer or anything, my girl said to me, ‘There’s no way Djadja’” – making reference to a famous title of the artist, Aya Nakamura is shown shocked : “She’ll call you Djadja your girl ? Hey but that makes me worship when they call me like that !

A confession which had amused Camille Combal, “You are called Djadja ? Not ?!“, even if this situation appears to be actually drunk the friend of Gradur : “Hey I’m Aya ! Stop it !

Songs that mean nothing ?

But this is not all, the singer has subsequently revealed the question that she is tired to hear every day : “people ask me this question there, but she wants to say it. It is the ‘Why do you not speak French and it works so much ?’ Basically it was ‘it what does it mean thy words ? One understands nothing. It is not anything‘”.

Reasoning that there, too tired Aya Nakamura – a User is even fun to make a version that is understandable to the song on YouTube, even if, at the bottom of it, she understands it : “After yeah I admit, frankly, at times I make no effort !” A fault confessed half redressed ?

Anyway, the French supported French or Ayaesque, this does not prevent his songs from hit and dance to the world… And that’s the most important.

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