Babkin suddenly “aged” for 30 years: fans concerned about the health of the artist

Бабкин внезапно "постарел" на 30 лет: фанаты обеспокоены здоровьем артиста

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Already on 5 December 2019, will premiere a full-length historical drama “Black crow” based on the eponymous novel by Vasily Shklyar. In the film, attended the famous Ukrainian musician Sergey Babkin, who was unrecognizable for a role.

The corresponding video appeared on the project page in social networks.

The painting reproduces one of the pages of the Ukrainian history — the struggle of the Ukrainian rebels Cold ravine against the Soviets in the 1920-ies. In the historical drama, the star s appears in an unexpected way mystical Bartholomew. In the film he is depicted as an eternal Gaydamak, who leads an ascetic life and lives in the dungeons Motroninsky monastery, which at one time was the hiding place of the rebels. He spends tunnels of holodnoya and saving lives.

Бабкин внезапно "постарел" на 30 лет: фанаты обеспокоены здоровьем артиста

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At Bartholomew like no age, it is a guide to the mystical world, a person who passes through the ages and comes at the moment when it can save those who are in need. I am very pleased that I was invited to join the team of a feature film “Black crow”, which recreates one of the most dramatic pages of contemporary history of Ukraine. I hope the audience will get pleasure from our work, it will be important award,” – shared his impressions of the filming of Sergey Babkin.

Serge Babkin vikona the role of the old ascetic from the Bartholomew FLM #Carnivore.
“At the Bartholomew NBI no VCU, VIN je…

Geplaatst door Chorny Voron op Donderdag 14 november 2019

The scene with Sergei Babkin was shot on the territory of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra in Kiev basements of the abandoned brewery. Directed by Taras Tkachenko said that, despite the tight schedule, the actor readily agreed to the proposal to take part in the filming.

The artist in the shot has changed beyond recognition. In the story Bartholomew – an old ascetic, no one knows how old he is. So on the way diligently worked the makeup team headed by makeup artist Larissa of Sabanovic. By directorial intent, in Bartholomew long disheveled hair, sloppy scruffy beard and a scar on half his face, closing his eyes.

Бабкин внезапно "постарел" на 30 лет: фанаты обеспокоены здоровьем артиста

Hero Sergey Babkin has a real prototype – Archimandrite Melchizedek (Matthew Znachko-Jaworski), head Motroninsky monastery. In 1768 it calls for Haidamak uprising became the impetus to the famous Koliyivshchyna. After the defeat of the uprising, Catherine II ordered to make a women’s monastery, so that it no longer burned kholodnohirsko fire. The event was repeated in 1918, where the first self-defense groups of rebels preparing to fight.

The events in the film depict the story of the life and love of Ivan, nicknamed the crows, who had the destiny to become a member of the rebel movement of Kholodny Yar Republic. The main role in the film was played by a young Ukrainian artist Taras Tsymbalyuk, known to viewers of TV channel “1+1” for work in the TV series “hospital Central” and “Village of a million”. Role in the film also performed well-known Ukrainian actors: Paul Moskal, Andrew Motrenko, Ksenia Danilova, Daniel Mreqn, Zoryana Marchenko, Natalia Sumska and others.

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