Babkin’s wife shocked after her third delivery: “just like Madonna”

Жена Бабкина шокировала своим видом после третьих родов: "Вылитая Мадонна"

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The other day the wife of the famous Sergei Babkin for the first time in a long time after birth, went public. And it should be noted, she did it very enchanting. It happened on 5th awards ceremony M1 Music Awards.

Note that even in the summer, Babkina gave birth to her third child, and after a few months was in good shape. So, Snezana Babkina impressed the fans very stylish manner: she was dressed in a black dress by Patoka Studio, which stressed Figo celebrity, and made fine hair. The icing on the cake bright red lips, which added the image of sophistication.

Жена Бабкина шокировала своим видом после третьих родов: "Вылитая Мадонна"

A screenshot of the message

Note that in the comments, fans don’t hide their impressions and saying that the woman is just incredible.

“You look fantastic! Have a man who loves the woman and should look like – beautiful, happy and great!” “Oh, my God, after the third confinement to look like that !!! Yes, you are a miracle worker!”, “Alice, You are adorable, even these words will not find to speak. One word – Madonna”.

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Recall that the wife of Sergey Babkin Snezhana showed how grown daughter Veselina, copy mother: “I Consider it mandatory…”

As reported by the portal Know.ia, large Babkin, together with his wife he had a son and showed it to the whole country.

The portal also Znayu wrote Sergey and Snezhana official trailer first showed newborn son.

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