Bac 2022 results online: discover your results (and those of your friends)

2022 Baccalaureate results online: discover your results (and those of your friends)

By Aubéry Mallet Journalist Series, cinema, TV Aubéry Mallet is a journalist specializing in series. A fan of the small screen, she has seen everything (or almost) from Game of Thrones to Pretty Little Liars, from The Bridgerton Chronicle to Stranger Things via Gossip Girl or Friends. That's it, the Bac 2022 results have arrived! It is this Tuesday, July 5 that the 709,000 baccalaureate candidates will be fixed! Have you been admitted? Do you have to go through the remedial test? To find out, PRBK and Studyrama are there. Whether you have passed a general baccalaureate, a professional baccalaureate or a technological baccalaureate, find your result without delay.

After tests that made Internet users laugh (hello the philosophy baccalaureate and the pro baccalaureate with the word fun) and big fails (like the teacher who had his students revise the bad program), the high school students will be issued. Finally, those who have passed their tests. The Bac 2022 results are finally online and PRBK is here to give them to you without delay.

Bac 2022 results

To find out if you have the baccalaureate or if your friends are admitted, find the Studyrama tool below. All you have to do is provide your first and last name and select your academy. FYI, the results of the 2022 baccalaureate will be available between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. depending on the academies. To discover online the results of the general baccalaureate, the technological baccalaureate and the professional baccalaureate, it happens below: