Bac 2024: Teachers call for strike during the Grand Oral due to the infernal pace in Terminale

Bac 2024: Teachers call for strike during the Grand Oral due to the infernal pace in Terminale

Le Grand oral se déroulera entre le lundi 24 juin et le mercredi 3 juillet 2024 (illustration). MAXPPP – Salvatore Laporta/KONTROLAB/ip

L’Association des professeurs de sciences économiques et sociales appelle les enseignants à faire grève pour les épreuves du Grand oral du baccalauréat qui débutent le lundi 24 juin 2024.

The Association of Teachers of Economic and Social Sciences (APSES) calls for a strike during the Grand Oral test of the baccalaureate compulsory for final year students, in a press release published on June 18, 2024.

Repeated alerts

"The general assembly of the APSES calls on colleagues to take advantage of the strike notices filed by the unions to strike at & ;#39;Grand oral'", we can read.

"Despite repeated warnings, the Ministry of National Education remained deaf to our requests for relief from specialty programs for the baccalaureate", argue the teachers."It is a matter of our professionalism to refuse to participate in the evaluation of the &# 39;Grand oral'", they continue.

What are they demanding ? Teachers of economic and social sciences (SES) say "not having been able to prepare this test within the framework of the courses, leaving the students alone to face to themselves (and their cultural capital)".

They point in particular to a program where the number of chapters to study has "almost doubled", which requires "to work at a frantic pace, incompatible with a real appropriation of knowledge and know-how".

Better correction and evaluation conditions

They also ask for better "correction and evaluation conditions""In many academies, correction deadlines are incompatible with the correct accomplishment of our missions", they believe. The number of days to correct the copies would be "too low" and the number of copies to correct "too large".

The Grand oral will take place between Monday June 24 and Wednesday July 3, 2024, depending of the precise date of the student's summons. Since the reform of the baccalaureate, in 2018, it counts for 10% of the total baccalaureate mark for students. candidates in the general route and for 14% of the mark in the technological route.

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