Bac 2024: up to 250 euros for graduates… which banks offer bonuses to candidates ?

Bac 2024: up to 250 euros for graduates... which banks offer bonuses to candidates ?

Happy graduates are eligible for a bonus. FREE MIDI ILLUSTRATION – JEAN MICHEL MART

This Monday, July 8, the 2024 baccalaureate candidates will know their results. In addition to the precious diploma, some high school graduates can hope to pocket a bonus offered by their bank. 

Several tens or even hundreds of euros for new baccalaureate graduates. Some French banks offer bonuses every year to those who pass their tests. But as indicated by RMC, the amounts and methods of obtaining vary from one establishment to another. 

Very different policies

If you are a customer of Crédit agricole, the premiums vary depending on your regional fund. But, according to our colleagues, they generally vary between 50 euros for a bachelor who obtains a mark "fairly well"  and 250 euros for a candidate with the mention "very good". 

At CIC, holders of a savings account can claim a boost of 40 euros for a mention & quot;fairly good", 80 euros for a mention "good&amp ;quot; and 160 euros for a "very good". 

As for the Banque populaire, there is no need to have a mention to receive a bonus. All CAP or Master graduates are entitled to a bonus of 50 euros. 

The Société Générale also offers assistance of 80 euros to all high school graduates with a Sobrio or Jazz offer.& nbsp;

Other banks choose not to offer a bonus to new graduates and try to attract young people with other offers.' ;nbsp;

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