Bachelor Irakli Makatsaria staged romance for the burning brunette: “Captivated by beauty”

Холостяк Иракли Макацария устроил романтику для жгучей брюнетки: "Покорила красотой"

Irakli Makatsaria

today, 01:15

Popular showman and businessman with Georgian roots Irakli Makatsaria admitted that he was on a date with an athlete and Olympic champion Anna Rizatdinova, which “the bachelor” was thought to have an affair during the show “Dances with stars z”.

Earlier, the celebrity denied the rumors, assuring that they are connected exclusively friendly relations.

Холостяк Иракли Макацария устроил романтику для жгучей брюнетки: "Покорила красотой"

Anna Rizatdinova

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Irakli said in an interview with “Glory” that invited Anna to one of the social events in Kiev, where he spent the evening with her. In addition, he admits that the Ukrainian captivated by its natural beauty and strong character.

“She is very nice, very beautiful and very strong girl. Think I’m not the only one who may like it,” said Makatsaria.

Recall, the star of “the Bachelor” threw Ukrainian beauties and went to the Mecca of all workers.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Irakli Makatsaria has become the most stylish man of the Ukraine.

Also, the portal “Znayu” I wrote that the star of “the Bachelor” seduces brides naked body.

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