Bachelor Nikita Dobrynin: “I met someone I want to be together”

Nikita Dobrynin admitted that each time he was harder to say goodbye to the participants

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Холостяк Никита Добрынин: "Я встретил ту, с которой хочу быть вместе"

Bachelor Nikita Dobrynin

While spectators romantic reality TV “Bachelor” watching the development of relations Nikita Dobrynin with the participants of the project, which left only five, a Bachelor himself in an interview with “Telenedelya” admitted that he met the girl that wants to be together.

He also noted that the most difficult project he was given moments.

“And the closer final, the more difficult it is. On the project were very close to me girl, with whom he developed a warm relationship,” he says.

Холостяк Никита Добрынин: "Я встретил ту, с которой хочу быть вместе"

“The bachelor 9”

By the way, Nikita’s first Single, in which participated the audience. He told how he evaluated his chances, while there was a vote for the presidential contenders: “I had no idea if it will work. Only thought that should go into the project because I, first, interesting, and secondly, I want to try to find “the one” girl”.

According to Bachelor, the audience gave preference to him because they might be interested in his life story and experience show that he is willing to engage not only career, but also to invest in a relationship.

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