Back in business: there were teasers of the new season of “Mr. Mercedes”

The new season will be based on the final part of the detective trilogy “relieved”

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Снова в деле: появились тизеры нового сезона сериала "Мистер Мерседес"

Still from the TV series “Mr. Mercedes”

The popular TV series “Mr. Mercedes” which renewed for a third season, again winning the hearts of the audience. Thus, the network has several new clips of the third season of the series based on the novel by Stephen king.

Watch the video on trends for the series: how to treat and how dangerous they:

Note that the new season will be based on the final part of the detective trilogy devoted to detective bill Hodges, which the writer called “Post pass”.

In the story the killer from “Mr. Mercedes” Brady Hartsfield is still in the hospital with a severe brain injury in a vegetative state.

Hodges, who heads the detective Agency, takes on the investigation into the suicide and finds himself embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy that threatens not only him but also all relatives. Everything points to the fact that Brady is back and wants revenge.

The premiere will take place on September 10 at AT&T Network Audience.

Recall the second season of “Mr. Mercedes” came out in August 2018. Note that this is not the only work of Stephen king, which filmed. Streaming company Netflix announced that they will make a movie based on the book “In tall grass” by Stephen king and his son Joe hill .

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