Back in the summer: MONATIK has presented a new clip “everytime”

The video was shot in Cuba

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Снова в лето: MONATIK презентовал новый клип "Каждый раз"


Multiartist MONATIK, who congratulated Ukrainians on Independence Day, presented a new video for the song “Every time”.

Watch videos about how Nadya Dorofeeva and MONATIK danced together in a new clip:

Creator brand of musical rhythm MONATIK they presented the video for “everytime”, which returns in the summer. Shooting a new video for the single from the third album “LOVE IT to the rhythm” was held in Cuba – island of Freedom that could not be better reflects the meaning of the song. In the new clip of the singer you can see the legendary Cuban mansion Josie Alonso House where the shooting took place Rihanna to Vanity Fair, the burnt theater, which is a local landmark, the famous malecón in Havana with its picturesque views, as well as Freedom – a genuine, clean, dance, Cuban freedom.

Снова в лето: MONATIK презентовал новый клип "Каждый раз"


About the new video MONATIK started to talk even before its release. This is not surprising, because “Every time” affects the choice of scenic locations to capture stunning Cuba. It is this Alma mater of dancing, which was re-established Directors, writers, and painters of all time, became a canvas for the tenth anniversary of the team’s work MONATIK – of Moinho-Stulnikov-Kuzmenko.

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“This video is just about what we’re trying to find and purchase on the freedom. Freedom of thought, of movement, freedom of choice. No matter what the outside ruins, cracks, slums, luxury or gloss. Important what’s inside. At dreams there are two kinds: wrong, and the one that comes true. To understand which of them is yours, you need to try to buy freedom, move to it. Not relying and not relying on anything but themselves, their desires and, perhaps, of his cane. And, it’s possible you’ll acquire much more,” commented MONATIK.

Dancing in music videos MONATIK — a distinctive feature of the artist, as they are impregnated with special dynamic and originality. Release of each subsequent work is defined, specified by him, the pinnacle of art. This time the artist showed the original choreography with cane (an iconic symbol of Cuba) frames which are replaced by the fiery Cuban dance.

We will remind that on may 17 came the long-awaited new album MONATIK – “LOVE IT the rhythm.”

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Снова в лето: MONATIK презентовал новый клип "Каждый раз"

Снова в лето: MONATIK презентовал новый клип "Каждый раз"

Снова в лето: MONATIK презентовал новый клип "Каждый раз"


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