Back in time: what sweaters are in trend this fall

Selection of the actual jerseys, which can not do without this fall

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In the new season of fashion burst into knitted sweaters with extra long sleeves.Also in the list of the trending things included jackets with the decor, which was at its peak 30 years ago.

According to stylist Anna Kobzar, among the fashionable styles of the season – the so-called Krop. This cropped knit sweater brown shade, which experts advise to wear under jeans with a high waist. Most Ukrainian clothing stores offer fashionistas a model with long, voluminous sleeves.

Назад в прошлое: какие свитера в тренде этой осенью

Sweater autumn long-sleeve

“Sleeve length is very relevant – it is very comfortable!”, Anna said about fashion updates.

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Moreover, if the sleeve of the sweater a little bit peeking out from under a coat or jacket, designers are only welcome. The sleeve may be longer than the wrist. This is not only true this fall and winter, but also very comfortable.

Назад в прошлое: какие свитера в тренде этой осенью

Sweater with puffed sleeves

“The main thing is to try it on shoulders, exactly to the village. No need to be afraid the feeling that the model sweater large, just very large sleeves. Also at the peak of popularity retrofitter decor “pigtail” or fringe, “says stylist Anna.

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