Back on stage: the magic of the Holidays by Damien Robitaille

Back on stage: the magic of Damien Robitaille's Holidays

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Two years after unveiling his album of original songs Soon it will be Christmas , the man-orchestra, executioner work and viral phenomenon Damien Robitaille set foot on the stage at the Théâtre St-Denis to spread the magic of the holiday season.

The 40-year-old musician, who has adapted to the pandemic better than any other Quebec artist with his popular daily videos of song covers, reconnected with a hall in the metropolis for the first time since April 2017.

“Welcome to my Christmas party,” he said at the outset, alone at his piano. Inviting the public to accompany him, he then chained with derision some Christmas classics such as My beautiful Christmas tree and The little red-nosed reindeer .


Robitaille managed to ignite the almost full hall of the St-Denis Theater by creating on stage, one step at a time, a Christmas version of one of his greatest hits, Password . & Nbsp ;

Sporting an eccentric jacket as usual and his contagious joie de vivre, the winner of the Félix for Artist of the Year who most shone on the web at the ADISQ gala in 2021, however, could not count. on a staging that corresponded to the content of his show. Only four illuminated white pyramids, modern interpretations of fir trees, served as Christmas decorations. & Nbsp;

The artist carried the spectacle at the end of his arms – or should we say, at the end of his ineluctable charisma – thanks to his sneer and his quips. & Nbsp;

“I told the media that I made a Christmas album because I love Christmas … that's not true, I just like cash , ”he shouted with applause and laughter.

So it's no wonder his medley of major international hits, including Hey Jude by The Beatles and Africa by Toto, impressed audiences the most.

♦ Damien Robitaille will present 25 others concerts by mid-June, including December 11, for a concert in collaboration with the Orchester symphonique de Québec.

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