Back to class: in the fog on absent teachers

Back to class: in the fog on absent teachers


The school network is swimming in complete fog as to the number of teachers who will be present at the start of the school year on Monday, to the point where administrative staff could be brought in to replace them.

< p>“We may have a storm on Monday, whether there is snow or not,” quipped Kathleen Legault, president of the Montreal Association of School Principals. 

Due to the raz -de-tidal Omicron, many teachers currently have symptoms of COVID-19. This was not a problem this week, since most could still teach remotely. 

But for the return to school on Monday, how many will have to remain in isolation and be replaced? The Ministry of Education had no idea this week.

The Journal therefore surveyed more than forty school service centers to paint a picture of staff absenteeism. Of the 22 who responded, only 6 were able to send us figures, often partial. 

“Rock and roll”

To compensate for this lack of data, the Quebec Federation of Educational Establishment Directors (FQDE) has created a platform where they can register in real time the number of employees they are missing, if they have to close a class or resort to to parents to supervise, for example. 

“It's rock and roll,” says Nicolas Prévost, president of the FQDE. 

In Montreal, directions have no idea of ​​the number of adults who will actually be present on Monday, to the point where it is “worrying”, admits Ms. Legault. 

This uncertainty comes from the fact that many teachers have symptoms, but do not have access to self-tests.

As for the PRC tests, they have only been available to them since today and it will probably take them several days before they get the result, suspects Ms. Legault. 

At the Center de services scolaire de Montréal (CSSDM), there are also plans to send administrative staff to the schools. 

Volunteers could be called upon to teach, supervise or replace in a daycare service, if it is relies on the survey form obtained by Le Journal. 

The CSSDM had not confirmed this information at the time of publication.

—With Daphnée Dion-Viens

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