Back to normal… or almost

Retour à la normale... ou presque

The soccer lover is officially begun in Quebec. Thursday, two all-female teams in class AA, fought on the South Shore to start the ball rolling, even if some leagues had already held matches in the last few days.

Before the match, the U17 AA of the CS Saint-Hubert and the U16 AA of the Association de soccer de Saint-Lambert gathered for a short meeting explanatory about the new measures put in place.

Among these, the washing hands compulsory, a short questionnaire, the disinfection of balloons, the distancing on the bench and not celebrations of the group.

“It is sure that it does not have the same flavor without the celebrations, but I think we’re going to find it funny in the first matches. We are going to make high five in the air, ” explained Florence Breault, Saint-Lambert.

Few differences

Despite the measures put in place, the young player believes that it does not change few things in the course of the matches.

“This is our first experience, but it remains that we are playing a game of soccer normal, but there are no celebrations on the bench and on the field. “

And as we are dealing with adolescents, it is not particularly difficult to make them abide by the rules of distance outside the field.

“We are mature enough to understand and for us, it is only one meter, then it is correct “, she added.

Hat !

The director general of Soccer Quebec, Mathieu Chamberland, had moved to attend the match, and he did not return to the path since less than a month.

“The leagues are parties, I think that one can say : “Who would have thought ?” There are moments where we wondered if we would be able to do so. “

For him, it is a lot of business clubs and associations if things are going well since the resumption of activities.

“It is incredible to see the protocol that the club of Saint-Lambert has put in place. We worked hard to bring this up, but I take my hat off to clubs the implant.

“There has been no problem. People ask a lot of questions, but this is normal. The clubs have so rowed for there to be a season, it is fantastic to see that. “

Recovery of the elite

Things are going so well that even the league’s elite Québec will resume its activities as the First league of soccer of Québec should it also have a season.

“It’s a compressed schedule for the league’s elite,” says Chamberland. It has been extremely flexible, some clubs want to stretch the season and we will be there to accompany them. “

There is no question that there are provincial championships this year to ensure that all the teams could play a maximum of matches.

“With series and championships, there are teams that fall every week and we didn’t want it this year. I think it is the logical decision. “

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