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Back to school 2022: 20 plays that are worth the trip

Return to culture 2022: 20 plays worth watching displacement


The Art of Living

Espace Go opens its season with a Quebec creation by Liliane Gougeon-Moisan who signs a first text, crowned with the 2019 Gratien-Gélinas Prize, awarded to the best emerging French-language theatrical text. The art of living beats down our times through the lives of four condo neighbors who lose their way.

Women's peace< /h3>
  • The Broadside
  • September 13 to October 8

At university, Isabelle confronts the sister of a former student, who questions some of her ideas. This confrontation becomes the epicenter of a crisis that those around him are experiencing. Prostitution, the balance of power and the exploitation that taints the relations between men and women in our society are thus approached.


Le Trident kicks off its season with lots of music. Bringing together 20 actors and musicians on stage, Cabaret takes place in the Berlin of the 1930s. A young American arrives there and discovers the fauna of a nightclub. All this with Nazism as the backstory.

The Seven Branches of the Ōta River

Due to be presented at the TNM at the end of the summer, this landmark work by Ex Machina/Robert Lepage had to be canceled due to a fire. This revival is however played in Quebec. This seven-hour long piece (including intermissions!) is about people from different parts of the world who are in Hiroshima, Japan and who face their own demons.

Twelfth Night

The TNM begins its season with William Shakespeare's classic, Twelfth Night. Adapted by Rébecca Déraspe and directed by Frédéric Bélanger, this comedy brings together a cast of characters as different as each other.

Because of the sun

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  • Théâtre Denise-Pelletier
  • September 21 to October 15 
  • Evelyne de la Chenelière draws on The Strangerby Albert Camus to tell a story set in both Quebec and Algeria. While Meursault is accused of having killed an Arab in broad daylight on the beach, under the dazzling sun of Algiers 80 years ago, Medi blames himself for having ignored a call for help in the middle of a snowstorm in Montreal.

    The Son

    Adapted and directed by René Richard Cyr, Le fils by Frenchman Florian Zeller focuses on a teenager who is brooding and who is gradually moving away from his parents who are separated. Vincent-Guillaume Otis and Sylvie De Morais-Nogueira embody the father and the mother.

    Mademoiselle Agnès

    The actress Sylvie Drapeau slips into the skin of a former writer who becomes a ruthless critic without filter for those around her. Down with the unsaid, the truth is delivered without detour! This black comedy is a free female adaptation of Molière's Misanthrope.

    Ice cream

    The prolific author Rébecca Déraspe addresses the issue of consent, and more particularly for events that occurred a long time ago, in Les glaces. Twenty years after a prom, a man's girlfriend receives a text message that her boyfriend raped a comrade during this drunken evening. So what happened? The alleged culprit is kicked out and returns to his native Bas-Saint-Laurent where he meets the other class friend who was with him during the fateful events. With humour, this piece addresses the themes of courage and forgiveness with the idea that perceptions of an event can evolve over time. It will therefore be a question of secrets and accountability with characters who are complex. Debbie Lynch-White, Christian Michaud and Olivier Normand are notably part of the cast directed by Maryse Lapierre which is co-produced by the Théâtre de La Manufacture and the Théâtre La Bordée.


    Cyclorama is a plunge into linguistic duality Montrealer. Created by Laurence Dauphinais, this documentary comedy, in which she also plays, explores the history of theater in Montreal. This work was created in partnership with the English-speaking Centaur theatre.

    A day

    Winner of the Gratien-Gélinas Prize in 2018, A day mixes anxiety and humor. Written by Gabrielle Chapdelaine, this work focuses on four people who decide, each in their own way, to break the routine by doing what they really want. An appointment that should not be trivial.

    Pacific Palisades

    Presented in Paris last year, Pacific Palisades is a delirious thriller inspired by an unusual news item, that of a man found dead who claimed to work for the secret services and to be half-alien. The actress Evelyne de la Chenelière is alone on stage to carry this singular proposal directed by Florent Siaud and written by Guillaume Corbeil.

    Grosse-Île, 1847 (in the < em>words of those who lived it)

    < p>Émile Proulx-Cloutier, who has made his mark with very successful scenic documentaries with his partner, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, signs alone this time a historical documentary on the immigrants who landed in quarantine at Grosse-Île in the middle of the St. Lawrence. To write Grosse-Île, 1847 (in the words of those who lived there), he drew on the national archives to serve us the destiny of these Irish people who fled famine and poverty in their country, but whose lives will unfortunately end for far too many of them on this place which is part of the archipelago of Isle-aux-Grues. Isolated after having contracted an infectious disease, often cholera, during the crossing, most of these people will see their dream of a better world fly away. This production is therefore likely to be both strong and moving. Recognized for his humanism, Émile Proulx-Cloutier will direct actors such as Hugues Frenette, Marie-Hélène Gendreau and Élie Saint-Cyr.


    The author and actress Anne-Marie Olivier embodies a brilliant economist and civil servant who sees his life turned upside down following a stroke. Struck with aphasia, he must struggle to be able to express himself on the subjects that fascinate him such as politics, love, religion and even quantum physics. How should we react when life throws us in the trash? 

    The novel by Monsieur Molière

    < p>The director of the TNM Lorraine Pintal immerses us in the Stalinist Russia of 1930 in the play Le roman de monsieur Molière which she directs. In this story, the writer Mikhail Bulgakov lays a biographical novel on Molière. These two men find themselves on stage, also with Louis XIV, to face an issue that is still relevant today: absolute power.

    Alice! Tale for adults 

    In order to denounce the alienation experienced in our societies, the author Emmanuelle Jimenez was very freely inspired by the famous work of Lewis Carroll to imagine an Alice that does not end up in Wonderland. She finds herself in a world marked by constraints and absurd rules that she must overcome with intelligence and empathy.

    The fury of what I think 

    Actresses like Christine Beaulieu, Sophie Cadieux and Julie Le Breton bring the words of writer Nelly Arcand to life in this production by Marie Brassard. Created in 2013, this show immerses us once again in the sharp gaze of the woman who took her own life in 2009.

    If you ever listen em>

    This creation mixes fiction with reality, the latter being the disc placed in 1977 in the Voyager probes which gathers essential information on humanity. In 2022, five music lovers passionate about science are wondering what this disc contained. Do we recognize ourselves in this description? 

    Showtime – a big one play

    November 16 at December 17 

    Raphaëlle Lalande, Sonia Cordeau and Simon Lacroix have a great time in this crazy comedy they created. These actors put themselves on stage in a way. In this story, they have to put on a show, and in the face of the anguish of creation, they decide to go all out to mock conventions.

    Run de lait &nbsp ;

    Presented at Trident last March, the documentary Run de lait questions the future of the dairy industry in Quebec, half of whose farms have missing for 20 years. Justin Laramée met with producers and experts to discuss the industrialization of farms, consumer responsibility, animal welfare and the environment.

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