Back to school: no class closure planned despite COVID-19

Solar back-to-school: no class closures planned despite COVID-19


Despite the pandemic, Quebec is aiming for as normal a return to school as possible so that no class or school will close due to an outbreak of COVID-19 this year.

At least that's what we can read in a document from the Ministry of Education recently sent to the school network. 

“As the Department of Public Health does not no more epidemiological studies, it will no longer order the closure of classes or schools”, is indicated as the only directive in the section “management of cases and outbreaks” in the school environment. 

The instruction surprises the Federation of Parents' Committees of Quebec. “It is surprising! If the majority of students in a class are missing, what's the game plan?”, launches its president, Kévin Roy. 

Last year, with the appearance of the variant Omicron, Quebec had decreed that groups would be closed if more than 60% of students were absent due to the virus. 

As for school administrators, we would have preferred that the instructions concerning the closure of groups allow greater leeway, in particular in the event of the appearance of new variants.  

“We does not want the door to be completely closed if the situation were to deteriorate significantly. For us, the important thing is still the health and safety of our students and our staff, ”says Nicolas Prévost, president of the Quebec Federation of School Directors. 

< p>No homework

In addition, students who must be absent from school for at least five days because they are positive for COVID-19 will no longer systematically receive homework each day. 

< p>Since last year, a teacher or other staff member had to contact absent students on a daily basis to provide them with an educational follow-up through activities or homework. < /p>

This instruction has not been renewed this year since COVID-19 is considered “a disease like any other” in the context of a return to normal, explains Nicolas Prévost. 

From his side, Kévin Roy considers that this instruction goes “too far” and calls for the maintenance of the “minimum provision of services” in the event of absences due to the virus.  

“COVID n It's not a disease like any other, he says. There are learning delays that have not been fully caught up. Five days can have a significant impact for more vulnerable students.” 

At the Centrale des unions du Québec, President Éric Gingras hopes that the sanitary measures and the instructions for isolation still in effect “be communicated clearly, understood and respected”. 

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