Back to school September: the opposition demands a framework from Monday to Friday

Rentrée scolaire de septembre: l'opposition réclame un encadrement du lundi au vendredi

If the back-to-school children is done part-time this fall, the opposition parties asked the government to guarantee them a coaching school from Monday to Friday through the use of temporary facilities outside of the school.

Quebec parents prefer a back-to-school day in the event of a returned to the classroom part-time in the fall, has revealed a quick poll conducted by the Fédération des comités de parents du Québec (FCPQ) with approximately 40 000 respondents across the province.

School part-time, however, its lot of constraints. Both parents on three can only offer a framework with limited or even no coaching at all with their young. A statistic that worries the opposition.

“It is necessary to bring children out of the house,” said the liberal mp Marwah Rizqy. According to it, other places can be “retrofitted” to offer learning to children, which is thought to museums or sports venues.

The solidarity Christine Labrie reports that the parents are not going to work half the time in the fall.

“A complete offering has to be deployed for the five days of the full week for the children, even if half of that time happens outside of the walls. We know that at this moment, the remote monitoring is deficient and the parents are not all equipped to support their children when they are not in class,” she insists.

The member for Sherbrooke, as the pq’s Véronique Hivon, are of the opinion that stakeholders in the cultural milieu or sports could be called in for reinforcement. “We ask the minister to be creative!”, launches the elected of Joliette.

Ms. Hivon also states that the government will have to leave the latitude to the schools to choose the formula that best suits their client base for the start of September. “This is not the same thing if you’re in a rural area, in the Lac-Saint-Jean and Abitibi, or if you are in the heart of Montreal or Longueuil”.

Public health

The opposition parties want to be able to offer physically of course now high school students who have particular needs, especially in cold area.

Liberals, and several pq members to explain evil, some of the decisions of the public health, which has given the green light to the opening of schools in Montreal, but who denies that teenagers who have learning difficulties may have physical access to their teachers, in small groups, even outside of the Metropolis.

“Young people will almost be able to go shopping together, but they will not be able to have access to education. They may be even working in a shop. I really hard to me to explain it,” says the mp Labrie.

The liberal Marwah Rizqy has tried in vain Tuesday to file a motion for the holding of a consultation in view of the start of September to agree, in particular, the national Institute of public health, pediatricians and child specialists. However, the government has refused to give its consent to the filing of the motion.



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