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Comedian Luis Oliva has found himself in the credits of several great projects in cinema and television in recent months. The one who is still regularly talked about for his role in the Tag series – 23 years ago already! – is notably in the cast of the film Respire, which hits theaters on Friday.

“&nbsp ;I am very proud to be part of Respire, which is an extremely human film about the different realities of first and second generation immigrants, explains the 45-year-old comedian. There are also so-called “pure Quebecois” characters who are in more precarious economic situations. »

The actor and musician (his album Monde was released in 2010), talks about a punchy, touching and very human film, and a story leading to the meeting of two worlds. It deals in particular with racism and the recognition of foreigners living in Quebec. 

“It's an important story to tell to build bridges between all of us who live together in Quebec,” continues the man who plays the demanding boss of the call center where two of the main characters work. Crowned best Quebec film at the Cinémania Festival last fall, Respirewas also presented at the Festival du nouveau cinema (FNC). It is the fourth feature film by Canadian filmmaker of Turkish origin Onur Karaman, who came to live in Quebec with his family at the age of 8.  

New diversity

Quebec comedian of Guatemalan origin, Luis Oliva himself arrived in Quebec at the age of 7  Speaking three languages ​​serves him well in his acting career. 

Back in front of the camera after several years working as a documentary filmmaker, animator and musician, he has grown bored of develop characters and dive into different worlds.  

“I get more and more roles that have nothing to do with the fact that I'm Latino, like in Before the crash or Fragments, by Serge Boucher, adds the one we will see in the sequels to the series Raspberry Time and Les moments parfaits. There has been a beautiful type of diversity for a few years that there was not before, and it is a pleasure to see and to experience. » 

Beautiful projects

We will also see it in Richelieu, the first feature film by Pier-Philippe Chevigny starring Marc-André Grondin and Ariane Castellanos, which should be released later this year. 

He plays a Guatemalan worker (hey, hey! ), all of whose lines are in Spanish. This role allowed him to experience a moving scene: his character sings a play (which the actor wrote) in front of the flag of Guatemala, his country of origin. 

«  It was a great moment,” says the actor, who can also be seen in the series tackling the harsh subject of residential schools, Pour toi Flora.  

< p>The artist recently obtained funding to develop his first feature film. A semi-autobiographical work – based on his short film Chevette 83 – in which he recounts a trip to Niagara with his sister and her divorced parents. 

« J I always knew I wanted to do all this, he adds. I was confident that I was going to be able to. »