Back to the future for Neil Young

Retour vers le futur pour Neil Young

It is not a question of “return to the sources” for the living legend here, but a true trip back in time while he yesterday launched an LP in dormancy since its recording… in 1974.

Neal Young




Captured over the course of several recording sessions punctuated by breaks for touring and other projects, Homegrown was to be launched in 1975, but will be replaced by Tonight’s The Night, an LP that, to him, was in the attic since 1973.

In an interview with MTV, the icon has indicated that this latter was simply the disk “upper” of the two. In addition, it proved to be much more “bright” than Homegrown. In an interview with Rolling Stone at the time, Young had even gone so far as to say that the album made her afraid (hence, perhaps, its rancard).

45 years later, Neil Young finally takes his courage in both hands, so.


In his biography, the singer has described Homegrown of the “missing link” between albums cults like Harvest and Harvest Moon. Decades later, the puzzle is complete and very satisfactory.

There are so Young, incredibly voice (it dates back to 1975, you will recall), often accompanied by that of the strict necessity : guitar, harmonica, and these poignant words, referring, inter alia, its relationship bitter-sweet with the actress Carrie Snodgress (hence, ” fear “, as you may have guessed).

In this era, which tastes a little bit the end of the world, Homegrown is the candy.



It’s Not a Game, It’s a Lifestyle

Nearly a week after this publication, surprise, I still have the jaw dangling. While it is often associated with folk, country, rock and a free-game disarming, Lisa LeBlanc show off the gallery with this maxi disco concept, where it slips under the wig Belinda, acme aunts kitsch and/or waitresses in greasy spoon fanatics of bingo. Without fit at the top of the discography mighty effective of the singer-songwriter, the exercise remains incredibly sympathetic and refreshing. To listen on

Pascal Allard



Three years after unveiling a fantasy very understandable (the LP I wanted to marry Renee Martel), the singer and multi-instrumentalist delivered a LP namesake, who is still a bit under the radar of the elusive general public. Today, the country artist offers an album of covers of classic premises (ranging from the Old to the Bas-du-Fleuve Gaston Mandeville to A love that does not die which has been popularized by… Renée Martel, precisely). Passage in his favorite genre, Country-of-drummond also ensures that Allard hue less his text humor and my faith, the process is refreshing.

Jerome Rocipon


Hours covert

One year after a “return” to the song greatly appreciated, the ex-singer of the duo local Number# become a film director, adds. After a soundtrack of electro minimalist for his documentary Cuckoo artist, Rocipon surprised with this maxi more warm as much in music where the guitar is necessary, that text less endless degrees (but still rich). Listen here :

Coup de coeur



Soft Power

Basically : the “soft power” is a concept where we try to have an impact on another party without the exercise of compulsion. “The gentle way “, indeed. Of course, the title lends itself well to the new LP of the artist electro local Poirier – after you have mashed up rhythms very left field and then around the world – there will a drive as sweet in its proposal musical in its sound. Mine nothing, this is finally evidence of moderation by the composer and DJ – great used albums and evenings explosive – is “put in danger” here.

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