Back to TV: see the major trends emerging

Back to TV: see the big trends emerging


The start of the 2022 school year is a real one. We will have to have eyes all around our heads to make our television choices. In the meantime, here is what emerges. 


We often talk about a locomotive that attracts the viewer to a channel hoping to keep it on the air all evening. District 31 was an incredible driving force for Radio-Canada. This valuable daily fiction niche sees two offerings emerging this fall. 

The state-owned company hopes to stay the course and strikes a chord with a series that invests the medical world, Stat< /em>. Among the headliners: Suzanne Clément, who after several years in France is returning home, Patrick Labbé, Stéphane Rousseau, Normand D'Amour. 


TVA enters the competition with another theme rich in twists and emotions, justice, with Indefensible. The distribution was built around Sébastien Delorme, whose love rating reached new heights last year. Anne-Elisabeth Bossé and Michel Laperrière are at his side. Note that at TVA La tourand Gildor Roy, its new host, are also likely to retain the audience. On the side of Télé-Québec, a new daily family series promises to be unifying: Comme des têtes pas de poule.

Comme des têtes pas de poule


Several highly anticipated comebacks are coming this fall: That's how I love you, Cerebrum, The Honorable, The Rift are all offering us a 2nd season. Among the intrigues that left us in suspense, L’Échappée seemed to end in a collective sectarian suicide, Alerts ended in a rape, 5th place in a disappearance. 


Among the novelties we already detect sensitive subjects. Anna and Arnaud deals with homelessness as a mother sees her son's life turned upside down.

Anna and Arnaud

 My mother will discuss mental health issues as a bipolar mother tries to bond with her children. For you Floratakes a look at the consequences of residential schools. In Before the crash, performance will be discussed. In A Criminal Affair we will follow the struggle of a mother to clear her son accused of a crime he did not commit. Chouchou tackles the delicate relationship between a teacher and her student. 

For you Flora

Note that Bell is now developing a lot of fiction. Our dramas take us to many worlds to keep us going. Audacity is more and more palpable.


The live formula of Everyone is talking about ithas distinguished itself since the start of the pandemic. Discussions, such as the one on education with Gregory Charles and Normand Baillargeon, aroused interest and lively reflection. The programs where it is possible to debate, there were more at a certain time. They are quietly returning to our airwaves. The success of talk radio and the omnipresence of social networks may have something to do with it.

Le monde à l'envers

At TVA, Stéphan Bureau will set up a new niche with Le monde upside down, a 90-minute set of live debates on topical issues. We promise lively, non-consensual discussions. On the side of Noovo, Michel Bherer will host four evenings a week The debaterswhere it will also be topical. The channel is thus reviving a late-night slot that suited it well (remember the sports debates) while consolidating its information sector. 

The debaters


The Voice, Star Académie, Big Brother, Who knows how to sing, Chanteurs masques are just a few of the foreign formats that Quebec teams have been able to adapt particularly well. Let's also mention Direct from the universe, a concept created by France Beaudoin which is not running out of steam, quite the contrary. Large-scale formats continue to arouse curiosity and attract more than interesting ratings. The trend is not likely to weaken. It's no wonder then that the adaptation of popular formats such as Survivor and I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (Get Me Out Of Here) will land in the coming months, and The Game Master, this fall. 

Masked Singers


The attraction for the kitchen does not run out of steam either. After all, we have to eat three times a day. But the concepts are refined and diversified. Le Restaurant is a culinary competition that will give entrepreneurial chefs the chance to showcase themselves.

Le Restaurant

 Food and drinkrisks gaining followers by promoting local products and intuitive cuisine. Ricardo, Marina and her chefs, Geneviève O'Gleman, Marilou are also back to take the time to live and appreciate the pleasures of the table. With Espaces, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse looks at owners whose houses, built in harmony with nature, are the stuff of dreams. Everything related to home, comfort and beauty remains trendy. Feeling good has taken on importance.



The proximity between the public and the artists they love is precious. It creates attachment. In some cases, it responds to a little voyeuristic side that we all have. An immersion in the lives of others allows you to better understand them, to know more about their universe or to identify yourself. Having privileged access to personalities or people who experience extraordinary events also allows us to put things into perspective, to compare ourselves, to cultivate our empathy.

Au chalet de Rémi

 Sometimes these confidences can even lead us to introspection. In other cases, these stolen moments can turn out to be tasty and have no other claim than to entertain us.True nature fills all these aspects well. Au chalet de Rémiand Christine Morency – without filter will also be part of this vein by giving us access in a friendly, intimate and unpretentious setting to people we likes or who deserve to be known. Same for My First Homewith Mélissa Bédard who will surpass the questions of development. This is also why The Groulx family is so successful and is back for a sixth season.

Christine Morency – without filter


Many initiatives have been put in place to promote and train artists from diversity, whatever it may be. We are starting to feel it today. In fiction, leading roles are finally offered to actors who illustrate the richness of Quebec multiculturalism. Roles that take them out of the clichés too often conveyed.


 The talented Nour Belkhiria inherits the character of a lawyer in Indefensible. We are delighted to have Anglesh Major in four series this fall: Stat, Larry, Cerebrum and A Criminal Affair< /em>. Mélissa Bédard is increasingly asserting herself in animation with authenticity. These are just a few examples. We are progressing

My first house