Bad comedy conservative

Mauvaise com├ędie conservatrice

Even before being held last Wednesday, the one and only debate in French in the context of the race to the leadership of the conservative Party, promised a few things. It will not have foiled the predictions !

Let’s first look at the form. The blues have managed to shoot himself in the foot by starting the evening with a unacceptable delays of nearly 40 minutes.

Imagine. Myself, passionate about policy, it took me all my small change to ignore the calls of the BBQ and the pool in order to devote myself to the listening of this joust oratory haphazard.

But what were they doing during all this time ? They were looking for a Bescherelle ?

And then finally, there came the time to open the mouth. Suddenly, I regretted the small-hold music that had me swaying for long minutes.


How can we as butchering a language that is said to be essential to our country ? Two obscure candidates, Derek Sloan and Leslyn Lewis, would not have simply not had to agree to humiliating and insulting us that way.

I want to be understanding and give the benefit of the doubt, but there, the terminals were downright outdated.

As I pointed out a conservative influence, the late Deepak Obhrai, who had marked the spirits with his poor mastery of our language at the previous race, had at least had the delicacy to laugh at itself and make its disability friendly.

Sloan and Lewis had perhaps the air of real clowns, but this was not funny for all that.

It is true that Erin O’toole and Peter MacKay have managed to be understandable in the whole, the second has clearly made progress, but still, it was laborious. Next to them, Andrew Scheer could probably do the playback of the dictation of Bernard Pivot.

Same old same old

And then there is the substance of the matter. Again, the conservatives who have a thirst to see their party’s modernisation and return to power will have had the opportunity of banging your head against the wall.

Who would have thought ? Once again, about preventing relegated to the dustbin of questions relating to social issues such as abortion. Misery.

The problem is that even if a good number of conservatives want to display a greater progressivism on these issues, the attraction of the support of a fringe non-negligible amount of the activist base is too strong.

Thus, in a systematic way, one has the impression to return to the box departure.

As if that wasn’t enough, the pandemic will have demonstrated to the electorate the importance of government support. And despite the monumental crisis of public finances that we face, you don’t feel appetite for these issues, however fundamental, is the spearhead of conservatism economic.

To be clear, the game is far from won for the conservatives, and it is clear that the poor performance that we has been offered this week will not assist.

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