“Bad trick”: the world lost a Hollywood star

"Неудачный трюк": мир потерял звезду Голливуда

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today, 20:01

Recently in the Internet appeared the wide variety of information about the death of famous Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson, who wears a nickname “Rock”. Consequently, media reports that a celebrity died during a failed stunt on the next set.

As noted, one of the foreign media wrote that Dwayne the Rock Johnson died at the age of 47 after a failed trick. Consequently, this information quickly spread on Facebook. However, despite the fact that the title used the name of a famous media – the BBC, the links led users to a fake website. Note that the BBC not a word about the death of Johnson.

"Неудачный трюк": мир потерял звезду Голливуда

Dwayne Johnson photos soyuz.ru

Regarding the fans themselves, they don’t believe in the death of a celebrity, and for good reason. After a few hours after the sensational information, the actor published in the Instagram post where she talked about the filming of the new movie. According to the British newspaper Metro, Dwayne “could hardly write such a post, being in the grave.”

We emphasize that in 2014, the attackers also said that celebrity “has died after a failed stunt while filming a movie in New Zealand early on the morning of 10 June.” But then it turned out to be fake.

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