[BALADO] The Pay Zone: who will win the clash of titans between the Chiefs and the Saints?

[BALADO] The Pay Zone: who will win the clash of titans between the Chiefs and the Saints?

Definitely the showdown that gets the most attention for Week 15 of the NFL calendar. Will we see a triumphant return of Drew Brees or will the excellence of young Patrick Mahomes overcome the tough defense of the Saints? The Patriots travel to Miami to try to spoil the Dolphins’ playoff chances. It’s really the world upside down, in 2020! Your favorite podcast highlights all the confrontations on the Goodell Circuit, in addition to reviewing the crazy Monday night game between the Ravens and the Browns!

Lamar Jackson had his Superman cape on, while Baker Mayfield didn’t let it go. The game between the two teams was simply the NFL Showdown of the Year. Everything was there, and the scripters of Hollywood could not have conceived a more dramatic end to the game, Lamar Jackson returning from the locker room to lead his family to victory. What magic potion did the Ravens give their superstar?

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Jerry Jones assured head coach Mike McCarthy would be back at the helm of the Dallas Cowboys next year: is it really a vote of confidence or is it the famous kiss of death from the owner of the formation of America?

What’s the scariest defense as the playoffs approach, and is it time to retire for Big Ben?

The paying zone obviously has the answers to these questions and many more.

The famous “At the bar” column is back, as a mojito and several glasses of bad red wine are served. To find out who the lucky ones are, there is only one way. Good listening!

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The paying zone is co-hosted by Jean-Nicolas Gagné, Jean Carrier and Stéphane Cadorette

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