Balance sheet of season in Ottawa

Bilan de saison à Ottawa

Immersed in a crisis situation, the Trudeau government has shown us new sides. Ministers such as François-Philippe Champagne and Jean-Yves Duclos have been able to take loads. Same thing for the federal government that has done the impossible by outgoing cheques pressing within a few days.

We also reviewed the through the natural of the Trudeau government. Too extravagant, it has implemented programmes that are too easy, too generous and too long. Delivery canadian emergency (PCU) has been adversely affected by the reversal in making the recruitment process extremely distressing for many employers. Over the daily announcements, we have also recognized a government so keen to borrow and little concerned about the size of the debt that will ensue.

The appointment

What about the daily press briefings of Justin Trudeau ? Alone on his front porch, disconnected from his own team, it was heard every day to repeat the same common places. He works hard, he is in the process of being aware of the problems and his government will be there to help all Canadians.

Many times, the explanations about the important issues remained vague. Fortunately, at noon typing was another press conference the same government. Quickly, journalists realized that this is the one that would provide you with the real information. It was interesting to see the daily of Justin Trudeau as an exercise of style.

I must confess in all honesty that, on several occasions, I have found it very difficult to take seriously, despite the respect I have for its function.

That said, this spring has been very good for him. The impression left is that his government has responded to this, with the checkbook in particular. He has eclipsed the opposition parties. Justin Trudeau ended the spring in a much better position to hope to become a majority within two years.

Scheer, Mackay, O’toole

Difficult season for the conservatives even if all is not dark. The outgoing chief Andrew Scheer acted as the leader of the opposition in a time of crisis. A role that is already ungrateful. Scheer has not done anything ridiculous, except that when it appears on the screen, our only reaction is ” Ah ! Yes, it is still there in him.” What he said then spend a lot in the butter.

The leadership race had no momentum. Imagine with a full stop. The debates of the mid-June have shown that the two leaders, MacKay, and O’toole, have something in the belly. To follow.

The conservatives have another problem called Donald Trump. The pyromaniac american mounts the head to a part of the electorate conservative. If they embrace this drift, it is the end of beans.

The Bloc quebecois has behaved honorable manner in a time of crisis. Not too partisan, sometimes biting, he has not scored points to change the game, but he has not lost credibility.

I’m talking about loss of credibility ? Jagmeet Singh, who encourages Justin Trudeau to spend even more and insulting the members of the Bloc. Phew.

Have a good summer !

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