Balance-sheet of the season in Quebec city

Bilan de saison à Québec

The year of the balance sheet policies has rarely been so perilous. How to judge a government when it passes through a storm that has no precedent ? How to say that another would have done better or worse ?

The exercise is still challenging because of the extremes that we experienced with the quebec government.

On the one hand, quick decisions and courageous, communication, discipline and a sense of leadership in the storm. The other, a number of deaths unimaginable, which puts Québec too high in this sad track record in the world.

I have three conclusions.

  1. François Legault has revealed himself in the posture of a strong prime minister. Able to live alone, at the top of the pyramid decision-making, with the pressure of decisions to be harsh. Strong enough for slicing, humble enough to recognize his mistakes. The redesign has ended the season in a strong gesture, and relevant.
  2. What we have tolerated in our NURSING homes is a national disgrace, a stain in the history of Québec. They have been neglected from all points of view for years. I insist, however, that they have also been neglected in the preparation phases of the pandemic. The result is known. The coroner’s inquiry will reveal to us, perhaps, that some died of dehydration rather than the COVID-19. Sorry.
  3. The machine does not respond any more. The bureaucracy of health care has made to lose face repeating to the ministers McCann and Blais. Is it that the new minister will change this mega-department ? Or is it simply that this monster lives by himself, makes his own laws and does not respond to anyone ?

The liberal opposition has played its role responsibly in a time of crisis. A mixture of cooperation and monitoring healthy government.

However, what we will remember, it is the abrupt end of the race to the leadership of the PLQ. A beautiful morning, the candidate Alexandre Cusson announced his retirement. At dinner time, the executive of the party decides (or finds) that there is more to race.

There will be no debate

Dominique Anglade, therefore, has become leader of the liberal Party, without applause, without event, without enthusiasm. And this party has been deprived of a debate that appeared to be essential after a bitter defeat. To this day, Dominique Anglade was at the height of its function.

We note in passing that the phenomenon Gaétan Barrette. At the beginning of the pandemic, he donned the hat of a doctor and has multiplied the interventions relevant in the media.

And then the crisis in NURSING homes has brought to the surface his health reform. In the end of the session, he played a role muscled in opposition to the bill, to the point of shading to her head.

Québec solidaire has demonstrated its ability to effectively capture issues human and social. The pandemic has allowed him to get out of the trap of the environment as a single subject.

As for the Parti québécois. It is become by the force of things a party of eastern Quebec. The leadership race will help the recovery ?

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