Balance your bar!

Balance your bar!

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Traum warning: this text talks about sexual assault

The #balancetonbar movement has been shaking up the night world for several weeks. It all started in Brussels, when the employee of a very popular café was the subject of several complaints. The man in question allegedly drugged several clients before sexually assaulting them. Informed, his boss decides … to change his cafe. & Nbsp;

Following this, an uprising is organized and dozens of testimonies poured into social media. The Balance ton bar Instagram account, created in mid-November, already has nearly 30,000 followers and is growing in several countries. & Nbsp;

This phenomenon, which does not date from yesterday, is also present in Quebec, as evidenced by the wave of denunciations targeting the restaurant and bar scene in the summer of 2020. & nbsp;

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Already, when I was a bartender in the 2000s, we heard a lot about it: watch clients' drinks, report any suspicious behavior and, above all, never accept a drink that you have not seen being prepared. But when you can't trust that person, the one who prepares the glass, I mean, what do we do?


To several girls around me, I asked this question: “Have you ever been assaulted in a bar and/or have you ever been drugged in this context? “I was very surprised to hear” yes “repeatedly. I find this VERY worrying. & Nbsp;

What is the responsibility of establishments with regard to the safety of their clients? Are there any checks made before hiring an employee? What do you do when this type of event happens over and over in the same place?

But back to the “basic tips” we were given when I was working in bars . That didn't stop a colleague from “waking up” in a snowbank one morning with her pants down to her ankles. At the hospital, she was told that she had most likely been drugged without her knowledge. For the rest, I don't need to draw you a picture.

♦ If you have been a victim or witness of this type of crime in a licensed establishment, write to me at .

Balance your bar!

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