Balthazar season 3 : Tomer Sisley promises a sequel and trusts on the mental health examiner

Balthazar saison 3 : Tomer Sisley promet une suite et se confie sur la santé mentale du légiste

Balthazar season 3 : Tomer Sisley promises a sequel and trusts on the mental health examiner

After a last intense episode in season 2, marked by many strong moments, the series Balthazar will return for a season 3 ? Yes, according to Tomer Sisley. And the actor is already excited by the continuation of the story, in particular, on the evolution of his character.

Tomer Sisley pleased with the development of the story

This Thursday, 19 December, TF1, which was broadcasting the last two episodes of season 2 of Balthazar. And unlike the current period with the year-end holiday season, this ending was not happy for the hero. The program ? The murderer of his wife took the opportunity to kill Margueritte – his friend, forensic pathologist, and Maya – his girlfriend decided to leave him. Most importantly, the writers are finally interested in his interior madness that allows him to “communicate” with the dead.

A last episode of loaded emotion that was visibly pleased with Tomer Sisley. At the micro -, Tele-Entertainment, the actor has indeed confirmed that they enjoyed the evolution latched to his character : “I love the fact that Balthazar begins to ask the question on his mental health. Because mine of nothing, it’s been two seasons that it tells you the story of a forensic doctor speaks with a woman who isn’t there, as well as with dead bodies, which, by definition, are dead, so do not exist, and yet, he sees them.

A season 3 in the program

Thus, while a season 3 has already been commissioned by TF1 and is soon ready to be turned, “If I have understood correctly, it should start filming around January 20, 2020″, the interpreter of Balthazar could not hide his excitement about the result of this history and the turn of events : “ask the question of whether it is really in good mental health, I think it’s very clever“.

Balthazar will he become crazy ? Her mental health she will finally allow him to catch the murderer of his wife ? Follow.

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