Bambi returns to the screens: what will be the new creation of Disney

Бэмби возвращается на экраны: каким будет новое творение Disney

Cartoon “Bambi”, Disney

today, 16:03

Film company Disney begins work on a remake of the cartoon “Bambi”, the classic film adaptation of which was published in 1942. After “lion King”, which became one of the highest grossing projects and has collected in world hire of 1.66 billion dollars, the Studio decided to re-shoot “Bambi”.

Cartoon “Bambi” will be presented in digital format, where the frames of wildlife with the help of graphics will be combined with animated characters. Among the writers of the project – Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Lindsey bir, the creators of the films “Captain marvel” and “Rebel-one. Star wars: the Story”. The producer of the cartoon will be the company Depth of Field, which is working to remake “Pinocchio”.

Бэмби возвращается на экраны: каким будет новое творение Disney

Cartoon “Bambi”, Disney

Classic cartoon about a young deer was released in 1942. It was removed based on the book by Austrian writer Felix Salten. The cartoon talked about the deer Bambi: his first steps, the tragic death of his mother, meeting with her father and first love. He received three nominations for “Oscar” – best song, best score and best sound. Moreover, “Bambi” was the favorite cartoon of the Walt Disney.

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Previously, the Disney Studio has presented the adaptation of fairy tales “Cinderella”, “Maleficent” (fairy tale “Sleeping beauty”), “Peter pan,” “Beauty and the beast”, “the jungle Book” and others. Despite criticism from the public, which is against remakes of iconic projects, all works became box-office for Disney.

Бэмби возвращается на экраны: каким будет новое творение Disney

The Disney, photo:

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