Ban on hormonal treatments, strict control of “puberty blockers”… what the text contains to regulate transidentity

Ban on hormonal treatments, strict control of “puberty blockers”… what the text contains to regulate transidentity

The government has warned that it will “strongly” oppose the text. MAXPPP – RICCARDO ANTIMIANI

"Transphobic offensive" or "protective law for minors" ? The Senate is examining this Tuesday, May 28, 2024 a text aimed at regulating gender transitions before the age of 18, a Republican initiative fiercely condemned by the left and associations.

The debates promise to be very heated at the start of the evening in the hemicycle, on a bill that has been particularly targeted for several weeks by associations defending the rights of transgender people.

What's in it ?

The text of Senator LR Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio provides in particular for the ban on hormonal treatments for minors, and the strict control of prescriptions for " puberty blockers", these molecules which make it possible to suspend the development of secondary sexual characteristics (chest, voice, hair) relating to the gender to which the child does not identify ;do not identify.

Prescribing crossed hormones to minors would, however, be prohibited, as would the performance of "reassignment surgeries". With a penalty of up to two years' imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 euros for doctors who contravene these rules.

"A growing number of children and adolescents are questioning their sexual identity. We must ask ourselves the right questions, so as not to accompany certain children too early towards often irreversible things", the author of the proposed law justifies herself to the ;#39;AFP.

A rebalanced text ?

This text, tabled in March and very quickly placed on the agenda, emanates from the conclusions of a senatorial report drawn up internally within the group Les Républicains and which many on the left have called "transphobic".

In recent weeks in France and again on Sunday in Paris, several rallies against transphobia have been organized at the initiative of collectives and associations, with this proposed law as the main target.

Appointed rapporteur on the bill, Senator LR Alain Milon assures him that the text "is not transphobic" and that it has been "rebalanced" last week on his initiative in the Social Affairs Committee.

The version of the text submitted to the Senate for a vote thus provides for regulating the prescription of puberty blockers to minors. This would now be permitted within a specific framework, within "multidisciplinary reference centers" and only after medical follow-up lasting at least two years.

The government will "forcefully" to text

Associations see in this text a return of conversion therapies constituting a crime since 2022, which its authors deny. They are particularly concerned about the inclusion in this text of an article dedicated to the establishment of a national strategy for child psychiatry.

"Gender incongruence", i.e.& nbsp;the feeling of a mismatch between the gender felt and that of birth, was however excluded from the category of mental disorders by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018.< /p>

In an opinion, rights defender Claire Hédon was also concerned about provisions likely to "undermine rights and # 39;best interests" children. She particularly feared "risks of major harm to their health", also mentioning the risks of suicide.

"This law would make France the worst country in Europe in terms of legislation on the subject, at the level of the most restrictive American states", notes Anaïs Perrin-Prevelle, co-president of the OUTrans association, who denounces a "criminal text".

The government warned, through the Minister responsible for the fight against discrimination, Aurore Bergé, that it would oppose "with force" to the text.

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