“Bandit”: Josh Duhamel and Mel Gibson are thieves

“Bandit”: Josh Duhamel and Mel Gibson are thieves


The truthful adventures of this American bank robber across Canada are unbelievable…but true. 

Gilbert Galvan (Josh Duhamel) has just be released from prison. And we are in London, Ontario, in 1988. For Gilbert is a bank robber, an art he has perfected to systematic success.

And it's fascinating to watch, the screenwriter Kraig Wenman who adapted the biography “The Flying Bandit” by Robert Knuckle, having chosen the side of comedy. And the funnier it is, the more incredible it is… and the more it is true, like this bag to carry forgotten money or this fake nose that comes off in the middle of a turn.

We embarks all the more as Mel Gibson plays Tommy Kay, a criminal with whom Gilbert associates and who we meet for the first time while watching the music video for “Karma Chameleon” while being explained who Boy is George. Yes, the second degree of the scene is appreciable. As you have understood, no one takes themselves seriously in this incredible story, not even Elisha Cuthbert who lightly plays Gilbert's fiancée to whom he finally tells the truth about his “professional” activities.

Director Allan Ungar is efficient, practicing the breaking of the fourth wall – by small written comments on the screen on the veracity of the facts presented – and ensuring “Bandit” a steady pace that makes it a fun and terribly suspenseful entertaining.

  • Rating: 3 out of 5
  • “Bandit” is available in Quebec via video-on-demand platforms.< /strong>