Banned for 10 years from an airline because of his name

Banned for 10 years from an airline because of his name


A 21-year-old Englishman, who had the misfortune to bear the same name and date of birth as a young troublemaker, had the unpleasant surprise of being banned by mistake from a company the same day he was supposed to take a flight. 

“I was disgusted. I couldn't understand,” said the young man from Cheshire, near Liverpool, in an interview with “The Mirror” on Saturday. 

Kieran Harris, 21, couldn't believe it his eyes when he received an email on May 25, suddenly announcing that he was banned from the airline EasyJet for a period of 10 years, because of his alleged “disruptive behavior”. 

“Be advised that future attempts to book a flight will lead to an increase in his sanction,” reads the email received hours before his flight and shared by the British media. 

Not by chance: his namesake, who also reportedly bears the same date of birth and resides in the same area, would have received a 12-week prison sentence in 2021 for having engaged in “aggressive and abusive behavior” on a flight. 

“We booked the trip a month ago, and we even checked in online over a week ago, so they had plenty of time to contact us,” he said. The Mirror”.

Fortunately, the young man would have managed to take his flight in extremis after spending the day trying to prove his identity to the company, which eventually realized his mistake and apologized. 

But that's not all, as last May Kieran Harris was reportedly mixed up yet again when police burst into his room in the early hours of the morning , before realizing, in turn, that they had the wrong person. 

“They explained to him that someone with the same name and the same birthday, who also lives in the northwest, had committed a crime […] They said that the information they had received led them to his home. It was really scary: quite traumatic,” said his mother, Sheena Harris. 

The young man considered changing his name, in addition to turning to lawyers in order to obtain legal advice.