Banned in India, TikTok denies having sent information of Indians in China

Interdite en Inde, TikTok dément avoir transmis des informations d’Indiens à la Chine

New Delhi | platform TikTok, who is among the 59 applications chinese prohibited the day before by New Delhi in the name of national security of india, has defended Tuesday to have provided data to india users to the chinese government.

“TikTok continues to respect the security and privacy of the data under the indian law and has not shared any information on our users in India with foreign governments, including the chinese government,” said the indian branch of the company, property of chinese group ByteDance, in a press release.

This crash is a major setback for TikTok, extremely popular with Indian youth, who constitute a large share of its global users. The application allows you to publish videos of a few tens of seconds, where users film themselves performing skits, singing in playback, or dancing over a background of music.

India announced on Monday night prohibit a sixty applications chinese to ” ensure the security and sovereignty of cyberspace-indian “. This decision comes two weeks after a rare confrontation murderer between the armies of india and china around a border dispute in the Himalayas.

The shock has killed 20 indian side, and an unknown number of victims in the ranks of chinese. The death of indian soldiers has sparked a wave of indignation in India, triggering calls for a boycott of businesses chinese.

“TikTok has democratized the internet being accessible in 14 indian languages, with hundreds of millions of users, artists, storytellers, educators, and interpreters who in depended on to earn their living, many of them being first-time buyers to the internet “, regretted the application in its press release.

Among the applications banned by New Delhi include WeChat, Weibo and the game Clash of Kings.

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