Bar exam: dispute major for future lawyers

Several students complained of the significant technical problems that occurred during the final review of the School of Law.

In the midst of a pandemic, students thought they had completed their mandatory training. The future lawyers fear the fiasco.

For the first time, the review was in line for some 900 students who had five hours to complete their assessment.

However, several students complained of technical problems during the examination.

“For some, at the end of five hours, the answers have not been saved. We don’t know who is honest in there. It’s just all weird and it means more our professional. They have trouble doing it,” has launched a ending.

After having excluded the possibility of a technical problem, the Barreau du Québec said, “take very seriously the conduct of the examination of the école du Barreau.

The requests of the students in connection with the conduct of this evaluation will be greeted and treated individually, on a case-by-case basis.

Despite preliminary reports indicating that there has been no problem of a technical nature, The school of the law society has hired an external firm to shed light on the situation. The report is expected to be known shortly,” said Martine Meilleur, a public relations consultant.

The management of the COVID-19 of the Bar: “A fiasco from the beginning!”

The final examination of the Bar is the drop that makes the vase overflow of students.

According to a student, who wishes not to be named, “the entire management of the Bar is a fiasco for the COVID-19”.

“They have done wrong it. Many people have not had their responses recorded. The integrity of total of this review is on the edge to jump,” he says.

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