Barack and Michelle Obama will take the series about trump for Netflix

Барак и Мишель Обама снимут сериал о Трампе для Netflix

Ex-US President Barack Obama

today, 04:42

From the presidency to the producer of the movie one step.
ex-US President Barack Obama with his wife Michelle Obama has signed multi-year agreement with Netflix.
This message was posted exactly strmov film company in its official Twitter back in 2018.

Netflix argue that the contract really signed not in the short term. Spouses will need to produce documentary series and films, to tell inspiring stories from talented people. Content production will fall on the shoulders of High Ground Productions, the rights to which they bought.

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Барак и Мишель Обама снимут сериал о Трампе для Netflix

Michelle and Barack Obama

And Barack and Michelle Obama announced that they have acquired the film rights to the book by Michael Lewis “Fifth risk”. and already started preparing for the film, which will tell about the period before the departure of Barack Obama and the arrival of Donald trump. The last in the book not shown in a favorable light.

In the media they say that the next can be a screen adaptation of the autobiography of Michelle Obama.

At least Barack Obama had previously said he would not make a movie with your stance on politicians, now times times takes only political topics.

Earlier, we reported about the Top 5 possible ways to make money for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” photographer of Barack Obama in the White house has shared a rare photo of the former President of America.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that the former President of America still lives in Hawaii

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